Western Peoples – Three rivers of Ballina closed to salmon and sea trout fishing


Three rivers in the Ballina region will be closed to salmon and sea trout fishing from January 1, as the decrease in numbers puts the fish at risk.

The Ballinglen, Brusna and Leaffony rivers are among the 66 rivers that will be on the no-go list.

A total of 81 rivers will remain open to fishermen – 45 fully open and 36 will be released.

Environment, Climate and Communications Minister Eamon Ryan confirmed the news today.

“81 rivers will be available for salmon and sea trout fishing in 2022. This will allow careful management of this important natural resource, for which conservation is essential. 45 of the rivers will be fully open, and 36 more will be available on a “catch and release” basis. Stock improvements can only be achieved collaboratively over time and depend entirely on everyone stepping up conservation efforts in the face of environmental, climate and human impacts, ”said MP Ryan.

“Ireland is internationally recognized for prioritizing the conservation imperative as fundamental to our salmon management efforts. However, it has been well over a decade since we adopted our current conservation policy. I think the time has come to review and improve this policy. Therefore, I intend to publish two guidance documents on salmon shortly for consultation purposes. The first of these will explore new options for managing salmon with conservation, and how to do it better as a primary objective.

“Environmental, climatic and human impacts continue to put salmon and other species at risk. I am determined that we raise awareness of all of these challenges. We will develop a policy to ensure that we are doing all we can in Ireland, and to the extent possible through international cooperation, to improve the resilience of our salmon, ”added Minister Ryan.

The measures will come into force on Saturday January 1, 2022.


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