USA: 15-year-old catches rare ‘incredible fish’; netizens exclaim “what a fishing story”


In a rare incident, a 15-year-old boy from the United States caught white catfish on the Tennessee River. Edwards Tarumianz was on a fishing trip on June 28 when his bait snagged the unusual fish, which belongs to the rare species named Ictalurus furcatus, also known as blue catfish.

Richard Simms of Scenic City Fishing Charters, who led the fishing trip, said Newsweek that what Edwards found was “incredibly rare” and everyone was “shocked” to see the fish.

US: 15-year-old catches rare ‘incredible fish’, internet reacts

“I’m not sure about Edwards, but I know how incredibly rare it is. Most anglers fish their whole lives and never see one. I’m 67, I’ve literally sailed with tens of thousands of catfish over the years, and this was the first one I had seen in person,” Simms said.

He added, saying: “Of course we saw it before we landed it, so it was very tense and nervous minutes until we put it in the net.”

White catfish are usually bluish-gray in color, but the specimen caught by Tarumianz was almost pale, with some light pink areas on its fins. The captain said the fish may be leucistic catfish, a rare disease that affects various animals and is equivalent to an overall whitish color or areas of reduced coloration. Also, it is possible that the unusual fish is an albino. Animals with albinism tend to have white hair, feathers, skin, or scales, as well as pink eyes in some cases.

Taking to its official Facebook account, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) also shared photos of Tarumianz holding the fish in his hands. Meanwhile, Simms said the catch was so rare that no one would have believed it if they hadn’t clicked on the photos. “Either way, we can all agree that this is a terrific and rare take,” a TWRA spokesperson told Field & Stream. The white catfish was released back into the water, Simms said, reported Newsweek.

Since being shared on social media, the photos have racked up a huge number of reactions from users. One user asked, “Has it been kept or is it going to a TN aquarium?” Another person’s comment read, “He’ll be a fisherman for the rest of his life, and what a fishing story he’ll have! Congratulations young man!”

Another person said, “The fish is awesome, but the smile is priceless!!”

Image: Facebook/@Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency


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