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Josh Mills goes on an exotic fishing trip. You went to Argentina because the fishing was good. Yeah, that’s one scenario where I was lucky enough to be asked to call the bullpen when a friend of mine was planning a trip. He works as a marketing manager for Waterworks Lampson, a fabulous fly fishing manufacturer in the Boise area, and has been lucky enough to go down and fish the famous Golden Dorado, commonly known as the national fish of Argentina. They are unlike anything I have ever fished, it is in the fact that first, a color to the journey to get there. Third, the hospitality of the Argentines with whom we had the chance to interact and stay in the lodges where we were. It was amazing. We flew from January, in cold weather up to the southern hemisphere 90-100+ degrees with humidity. And when you got to Buenos Aires and made a long enough journey to the first lodge we went to, that would be northeast of Buenos Aires, known as Pira Lodge, which is part of the consortium of Nervous Waters lodges in Argentina. in South America. This lodge is located on what is called the Ibera Swamp, which I’ve been told looks like an Everglades, but much, much, much bigger than the Everglades itself . Speaker1: So much more to tell you in the next episodes.


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