This is the perfect time to see the spawning of the kokanee


It is a sight you will never forget. The rhythmic sound of the moving water, the fresh autumn air and the vivid goldfish filling the stream will all leave you with a precious and lasting memory.

There is still time to see kokanee in Trestle Creek. For those who haven’t seen these goldfish spawning in the past, now is a great time to see them for yourself.

About a quarter of a mile from Hwy 200 on Trestle Creek Road, there is a small parking lot and interpretive site where visitors can see these goldfish building their nests with the ultimate goal of producing another generation of kokanee. .

Idaho Fish and Game stores kokanee in Pend Oreille Lake to supplement the population. Not only is kokanee prized by many anglers, but it is also an important food source for other larger fish such as rainbow trout, bull trout and cutthroat trout. . In fact, the kokanee are the culprits of the world-class trout fishing that Lake Pend Oreille is known for.

The Kokanee spend most of their lives in a silvery blue color traveling to schools around the deeper parts of the lake. After a few years, they mature and begin to change color and shape to prepare for a one-way trip to tributaries to spawn. This is when they transform into the brilliant red and green colors you can see in Trestle Creek through the end of September and early October.

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Keep in mind that Trestle Creek is closed to fishing in order to provide undisturbed spawning habitat for many species of fish, including kokanee. Be sure to check out the 2019-2021 Idaho Fishing Seasons and Rules before embarking on your next fishing adventure.

If you’re looking for ideas for your next fishing trip, take a look at our Idaho Fishing Planner or contact your local Fish and Game office.

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TJ Ross is Regional Director of Communications for the Idaho Department of Fisheries and Game.


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