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For the outdoor enthusiast, Labor Day is like listening to everyone shouting “Happy New Year” after the clock strikes midnight. This lets you know that the fun is just beginning and it’s time to prepare for the seasons that are approaching. Another summer has passed.

You don’t mind in the least as you have been waiting since the end of last year’s hunting season to put on your camouflage clothes again, enjoy those chilly mornings and evenings and jump into the mix of hunting seasons. which are now starting to happen one after the other. Many are only open for a short time in September, October, and November, making it difficult to fit everything into your schedule unless you prioritize them.

But even when you do that, you remember the peach heats up again in October. Rainbow trout and big browns are just starting their upstream race to spawn, muskellunge feeds for the coming winter, and smallmouth and large-mouthed bass are becoming aggressive again.

Yes, three months of action-packed outdoor activities await, leaving you with the choice of picking up a rod or a rifle, the struggle between the desire to fish and the urge to hunt. So many opportunities leave you in a dilemma when the bounty of the season is ripe for the picking. It’s a challenge that can be a no-win and no easy fix if you don’t engage in one or two activities.

I don’t envy those lucky few who have chosen their hobby and infallibly stick to hunting or fishing. If it works, I say stick to it, even though it’s not an option for me.

No, I am one of those who should take advantage of as many opportunities as possible. If it is available, I will use it even if it is only for a few days. I will participate in one way or another, even if it means hunting in the morning, then fishing in the afternoon.

Similar to what I do every fall, as everyone rushes out to hunt archery, I will head north to the tributaries to fish. Then when the weather gets cooler I will start archery hunting. There is no sense in shooting a deer if you cannot hang it overnight to cool it down because it is too hot.

You just have to juggle the seasons if you really want to take advantage of the little time you have to do everything. Just think about scheduling your day like this: fishing in the morning, squirrel hunting at noon, and archery hunting in the evening.

David Orlowski is a Potter County writer, hunter, fisherman and outdoorsman. He is a member of the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association.

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