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LUBBOCK, TX (PRESS RELEASE) – The 100 Black Men of West Texas, Inc. (The 100) proudly present our 25th Annual Children’s Fishing Derby. This event will once again take place at Mae Simmons Park located at MLK Blvd. & Canyon Lakes Drive this Saturday, July 9, 2022, from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The 100 will load the lake with over a thousand pounds of catfish just before the event and it will be up to the kids to catch the fish.

All registrations are done on site. As loaner rods and reels are very limited, we encourage all parents and youngsters to bring their own fishing gear. In addition, bait will be distributed free of charge while supplies last. Therefore, arrive early because this Saturday early risers will literally get the worms.

In addition to fishing, there will be free food and free soft drinks for all attendees.

Prizes will be awarded to boys and girls in specific age categories who catch the most fish, the biggest fish and the most unique catch. We encourage everyone to come and participate in this great family and fun event.

This is a city-wide event, and it serves as a platform for the organization to give back to the community, encourage family unity and say “thank you Lubbock” for your support. At the same time, the members of The 100, along with our partners, the Texas Game Wardens, take this opportunity to show their love, support and appreciation to our mentees as well as the youth and families in attendance.

100 President Reggie Dial explains the impact of this annual event, saying, “In this age of improved technology where kids are obsessed with and even addicted to phone apps, computer games, social media and streaming services , all of which are primarily instant gratification amusement tools indoors, it is refreshing to provide an outdoor activity that moves the child out of the home and into a safe, family-friendly and healthy environment.Our Kids’ Fishing Derby provides a place where the child learns a skill, commune with nature, interacts with family members, mentors and others, and then experiences the power and reward of patience.

Two years ago, the 100 unofficially named this annual event The Charles and Rose Hankson Annual Kids’ Fishing Derby. This was named after the derby’s founder and chairman emeritus, the Reverend Charles Hankson and his late wife Rose Hankson. Mother Rose, as she was known, worked alongside her husband each year to ensure that the annual Children’s Fishing Derby and over 100 other mentoring activities were successful.

We all miss Mother Rose as she was a mother, friend and mentor to many 100 members and our mentees. Ironically, Mother Rose passed away on June 1, 2019, at the very end of the 22nd Annual Children’s Fishing Derby. We are extremely indebted to Mother Rose and President Emeritus Charles Hankson who continues into his 25th year as 2022 “active” President and event MVP.

For more information, contact Reggie Dial at (806) 438-8464 or visit our website at

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