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Just because Stardew Valley Settles as a farming simulator does not mean it ends in the farming experience. As players plant crops and collect resources, Stardew Valley features many other activities for players to enjoy, such as fighting in the mines, building relationships with other villagers, and even unlocking other parts of their farm. However, at some point after the main events of the game, players can actually unravel more mysteries within the title. One of them resides in the Quest “Goblin Problem”.


In this quest, players must resolve the fallout between the almighty wizard and the mysterious witch, who players will discover were once married. With their relationship spawning more mysteries than answers, how should players approach this quest to fully understand it?

The Wizard and the Witch: The Context

Once players complete Joja Warehouse or the Community Center, venture into the Railway will unlock a special cinematic. This involves revealing a traveling witch who laughs as she flies away, as well as a weary wizard who spawns near the player.

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It is revealed that the Wizard and the Witch are former lovers, and when they separated, the Witch took one of the Wizard’s most prized possessions. The magician asks the player to collect his magic ink from the Witch’s Hut, located in the dreaded Witch’s Swamp. When players complete the first part of this quest, called “The Dark Talisman”, they will then unlock this quest, “The Goblin Problem”.

What is the problem exactly?

Once players have obtained the Dark Talisman from the Mutant Bug Lair in the sewers, they can finally access the path leading to the Witch’s Swamp. The plan is for the Farmer to simply walk inside the Witch’s Swamp and find her Witch’s Hut, then perhaps converse with her to get the Wizard’s Magical Ink, one of the last vestiges of their failure. romance.

Unfortunately, things are not as easy as they seem. When players gain access to the Witch’s Swamp, they are blocked by a goblin henchman, who says they would “lose their jobs” if they let the player pass. The game reveals that the player needs to find more information about the goblins, as some clues can help players convince the henchman to move.

Lost Book: Mr. Jasper’s Goblins

The clue players need to get past the goblin henchman lies in a lost book called Goblinsby Mr. Jasper Since this is a lost book, players can only acquire this item by digging in special spots with a hoe. Places where lost books can be located are called artifact spots, which often have worms wriggling around them. Players can also find lost books in the Skull Cavern or the Mines, as well as Fishing Treasure Chests.

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In Mr. Jasper’s book, goblins are said to possess intelligence and emotional capacity similar to humans. Unfortunately, unfair treatment encouraged them to pursue professions under the employment of “disreputable types”, such as wizards, witches and necromancers. One particular piece of data to note involves the revelation that goblins love chow meat, especially “empty mayonnaise” which is considered the best goblin food.

Acquire Void Mayonnaise

While the exquisite nature of empty mayonnaise might make it look like an extremely rare item like Universal Loves of Stardew Valley Villager, Void Mayonnaise is actually doable provided players know where to look. Players can obtain Void Mayonnaise through two primary means.

  • Mayonnaise machine: Players can place a single empty egg inside the mayonnaise machine and leave it for processing. After three hours, players can acquire a single Void Mayonnaise. Players can acquire Void Eggs through various means, such as Void Chicken, Void Salmon in Fish Ponds, or by purchasing them from Krobus in the Sewers.
  • Witch Marsh, Fishing: Players can also acquire Void Mayonnaise through fishing. If they don’t have Void Mayonnaise in their inventory, they can go to the Witch’s Swamp to fish for the item with a 25% chance. However, this process only works when the henchman is still guarding the witch’s hut.

Quest Completion and Rewards

Players officially complete “The Goblin Trouble” once they have provided the Void Mayonnaise to the Goblin Henchman. After that, they can enter the witch’s hut and obtain the magic ink, which can then be returned to the witch via a handy teleportation seal in the hut.

Completing this questline grants players access to the Witch’s Hut and everything in it, as well as new options in the Sorcerer’s Tower. Players can also teleport between the two distant locations, which is a useful technique when harvesting Stardew Valley crops without wasting time of day. Here are some special considerations with each access point.

The Witch’s Hut

Located inside the Witch’s Swamp, players can access it immediately after completing both “The Dark Talisman” and “The Goblin Problem”. Upon entering the hut, players gain access to a fast travel option and three major shrines, each with different effects and properties.

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  • Teleport Runes: When players have less than 4 friendship hearts with the wizard, they can only use the teleport rune to move from the witch’s hut to the wizard’s tower. However, it will not go both ways. It is not until players reach Friendship 4 with the Wizard that the Rune allows them to travel to both locations, providing a miniature option for fast travel in Stardew Valley.
  • Dark Shrine of Memory: Using it for 30,000 gp will reset the relationship between the player and their ex-spouse.
  • Dark sanctuary of selfishness: For the price of a Prismatic Shard, players can permanently remove children from the game by turning them into doves.
  • Dark Sanctuary of Night Terrors: Using a weird bun will allow monsters to spawn on the farm at night, removing the seal of protection they originally had. Using it again will activate the seal once more, preventing monsters from spawning further.

The Sorcerer’s Tower

In addition to the Witch’s Hut, completing “The Goblin Problem” also unlocks the ability to purchase Obelisks and other magical buildings from the Sorcerer. These include:

  • Earth Obelisk: Teleports players to mountains.
  • Water Obelisk: Teleports players to the beach.
  • Desert Obelisk: Teleports players to the Calico Desert.
  • Island Obelisk: Teleports players to Ginger Island.
  • Junimo cabin: Allows Junimos to harvest crops.
  • Gold Clock: Prevents fences from decaying and keeps debris from appearing.

Stardew Valley was released in 2016 and is currently available for PC, macOS, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and PS Vita.

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