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This western part of the region is also heavily forested and probably offers the best turkey hunting, so the special regulations will not affect turkey hunters at all, as they are already limited to shotguns or shooting equipment. ‘bow.

Much of the eastern part of the region is made up of grasslands. Bordeaux WMA is one of several areas in the state that offers a special youth pheasant hunt during the young pheasant season from October 23-24. The other areas are Arrowhead, Kirkpatrick Basin North, Cornhusker, George Syas, Wilkinson, Oak Valley, Powder Creek, Schilling, Rakes Creek, Peru Bottoms, Twin Oaks, Hickory Ridge, Yankee Hill, Branched Oak, Sherman Reservoir, Pressey, Arnold Trupp and the east part of N-CORPE.

Adults accompanying the young in these areas only can also hunt pheasants and are allowed to catch a rooster. For more details, see page 15 of the Small Game and Waterfowl Guide 2021-2022.

Indeed, the vast meadows of Bordeaux resemble the perfect habitat of the pheasant. The WMAs in Bordeaux and Metcalf are also some of the best elk hunting sites in the state.

Those looking to get away from the crowds this season, whether they are elk or deer hunters, young pheasant hunters and their mentors, or spring turkey hunters, would do well to consider Bordeaux WMA in the area. remote northwest of our state.

Jarrod Spilger writes about the outdoors for The Independent.

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