Soggy spring continues but trout, bass bite


Lack of rainfall is not a problem for anglers in northwestern Pennsylvania. However, a lack of reasonably warm sunny days is.

In regular conversations with regional tackle stores, most owners have mentioned to me that the overabundance of cool, wet and windy weather has had a negative impact on their sales as the majority of anglers don’t get soggy . On the other hand, anglers who are prepared to endure bad spring weather catch fish.

“In Lake Erie, the bite of deep-water lake trout remains strong and smallmouth bass strike in shallower water, including an opportunity for anglers at the mouth of Sixteen Mile and Twenty Mile creeks. “, Kirk told East End Angler. . “In Peninsular Isle Bay, smallmouths spread out into the shallower waters and northern pike crush lures in the shallower sub-bays of Près Isle. The perch makes its presence known to anglers on the south pier. After dark, walleyes make an appearance in the bay’s usual spring spots.

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“Also I’ve had reports of pike and crappie hitting Eaton Reservoir. One last thing Shades Beach launch is open with docks in place.”

Dominic at Poor Richard’s had a personal hit on crappie at Almost Isle Bay last week, and there have been strong reports of walleye night-biting from the piers on the side of PIB town. He confirmed walleye hitting long caps of minnows such as Bandits.

Fishing before the high, dirty waters raised the flow of Elk Creek, Bill at Tudor set out to catch smallmouth bass with a fly rod only to encounter a surprising number of rainbow trout. -sky always in the lower course. “These post-spawning rainbow trout were healthy and in good shape as several took to the air, although all showed stress injuries typical of spawning. It’s a beautiful day in May when you catch smallmouth bass, rainbow trout and stocked brown trout on a streamer – well worth a trip to Elk!”

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Walleye biting at Lake Pymatuning is evolving toward greater success off the humps during the day with live bait, and somewhat less success casting plugs at night along the shoreline, said Gus of Richter’s Bait. “I have received reports of crappie being caught in brush piles and shallower paddocks at the south end of the lake. Meanwhile, the spring musk bite continues for trolling through the bays.

As an Army Corps of Engineers flood control lake, Shenango Lake is always affected by heavy rains. The lake level has risen and several boat ramps are closed, Randy told Fish West PA. “As the water rose, we had success on northern pike, smallmouth bass and white bass in very shallow water. Until the lake level drops and clears, Shenango is probably not worth fishing. But be prepared for white bass coming up the arms of the Shenango River and Pymatuning Creek anytime now.

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If the weekend plans were to spend the opening day of the inland walleye season on May 7 on French Creek or Allegheny River, you may want to consider alternatives due to the high flow and muddy conditions of these two. waters.


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