Search radius widened for five people missing on fishing trip near Santubong


Zin Azman speaks at the press conference. – Photo of Chimon Upon

KUCHING (October 7): The search for the five people – who went missing after heading out for fishing in the waters between Karam Berumput and Tukun Bass, some 9.3 nautical miles from Santubong on October 3 – has come into its own. fifth day today.

The director of the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) in Sarawak, First Admiral Zin Azman Md Yunus, told a press conference that the search radius would be extended to 526.74 square nautical miles, from 439.5 square nautical miles yesterday.

“Today, the search and rescue operation consists of 110 personnel from different agencies such as the police, the fire and rescue service (Bomba), the Civil Defense Force, the Royal Malaysia Police Royal Air Wing Unit, the Sarawak Coast Guard and the maritime community, ”he added. he said.

Zin Azman said that as of 11:30 am, no new clues had been found on the whereabouts of the missing boat or the five victims – Khamizan Saidi, 40 (skipper); Ng Ching Hui, 36 years old; Christophe Téo, 32 years old; Yap Tsé Kang, 41 years old; and Leo Dy Lee Jiann Tarn, 35.

He said the search would focus on more than 10 nautical miles from the nearest shore using MMEA and Bomba helicopters.

“Smaller boats from other participating agencies such as Bomba, Civil Defense and the Sarawak Coast Guard will lead the operation along the shore,” he said.

He explained that this was due to rough sea conditions with winds of 40 km to 50 km per hour and waves between 2.5 and 3.5 meters high, which could endanger small boats.

He added that the MMEA would continue operations on the high seas on October 9, while other agencies searching along the shore would withdraw if no clues are found today or tomorrow.

Zin Azman also said the MMEA concluded its previous operation involving 10 victims, who went missing on October 2, with the discovery of the last victim last night.

Family members from Sarawak General Hospital identified the deceased as Awang Omar Awang Hamsawi, the second in the fishing boat.

The nine other victims, including the captain of the boat, were rescued by fishermen around 1 a.m. on October 3.

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