Sea-Doo unveils its 2022 range and enters new territory


By Adam Quandt

On the heels of not only redefining its performance segment, but also launching new features across multiple platforms with its 2021 model year machines, Sea-Doo has done everything but rest on its laurels to rest. launch in AM 2022.

“This year has been a wild race for Sea-Doo and this wave we are riding has not even peaked yet,” said James Heintz, Director of Product Strategy for Sea-Doo and BRP Marine Group, during virtual launch. “We are enjoying a record market share globally and we have welcomed an unprecedented number of new customers.

Over the years, Sea-Doo has become well known for pushing the boundaries of what a watercraft can be and do, but the BRP brand has taken things to a whole new level – and segment – for 2022, introducing the world to the new Sea-Doo Switch.

With the Switch, Sea-Doo is once again entering the world of boating, in one of the most dynamic segments: pontoons.

In early June, the National Marine Manufacturers Association reported that sales of freshwater fishing boats and pontoons accounted for 45% of new motorboats sold in 2020 and were up 13% overall. Additionally, Stratview Research estimates that the pontoon boat market will reach $ 2.5 billion by 2025.

“Over the years, we have proven that BRP is capable of disrupting the industry by creating new segments,” José Boisjoli, President and CEO of BRP, said in a press release. “Our team has done it again with the Sea-Doo Switch, which will revolutionize the pontoon market. Switch is ideally positioned to attract new entrants and a younger generation. “


While pontoons are already popular, Sea-Doo’s Switch aims to completely redefine what a pontoon is, blending the design and performance of the traditional pontoon world and the well-known Sea-Doo watercraft DNA.

Pontoons (tri-toons), 13 to 21 feet in length, are constructed using Sea-Doo’s proprietary Polytec material and paired with Rotax’s 1630 ACE for a variety of three different horsepower options – 100 , 170 and 230 – offering the optimal style of fun on the water according to customer needs. At the helm, the Switch continues to set itself apart from other traditional pontoons by offering a handlebar steering system similar to that found on the Sea-Doo watercraft, as well as its Intelligent Brake and Reverse (iBR) system – making it the first pontoon on the market with brakes.

The Switch also features Sea-Doo’s Intelligent Debris Free (iDF) system introduced last year. The iDF system uses a new, separate set of gears to engage the driveshaft in reverse to run the impeller in the opposite direction to clear any debris that may be blocking the pump system. The system is easily engaged using the handlebar control and will operate for up to 12 seconds.

While a jet drive system, iBR and iDF systems, and a handlebar bar already put the Switch in a new category of pontoon, it doesn’t stop there. Where the Switch really sets a new bar is on the boat deck. The entire Switch deck is built from configurable tiles. With only the helm being stationary, the boat’s layout can be altered (or switched) in seconds to meet all of a boater’s needs. With over 100 options available, the modular tile system allows Switch owners to add or remove seats, change table locations, add speaker systems and more.

“It’s a dynamic pontoon with the heart of a Sea-Doo,” said Annick Lauzon, Global Marketing Director for Sea-Doo and Ski-Doo at BRP. “And its quick-change deck design can be completely reconfigured to accommodate a solo fishing trip in the morning to a family picnic at noon and a wakeboarding session in the evening.”

Nautical industry was invited to an exclusive media preview of the Sea-Doo Switch, which allowed us to take a variety of different models for a tour around Minnesota’s Lake Minnetonka in early August. While the Switch mostly looks like a pontoon – albeit modern and new – we found the Switch to offer the perfect blend of pontoon versatility and PWC playfulness and sportiness.

With a diverse range of sizes and power, the Switch is designed to keep any boater happy on the water. However, with a low entry-level price and packaging of each Switch with trailer and motor, in addition to a very intuitive and easy-to-use control system, Sea-Doo is definitely targeting novice boaters with the Switch. . .

“The Switch brings much needed innovation to the powerboat industry,” said Heintz. “With a concept that combines all the space on board and the stability of a pontoon, with the handling performance and water sports capabilities of a runabout. It is a game-changing product.

It’s not everyone

While the introduction of the Switch is one of Sea-Doo’s biggest news for its 2022 model year release, it’s certainly not all Sea-Doo had up its sleeve for the year to. to come.

On the personal watercraft side, most, but not all, of Sea-Doo’s efforts for the MY22 have been on its FishPro line. On the high end side, Sea-Doo unveiled its all-new FishPro Trophy 170. The new Trophy 170 features a fully loaded watercraft for fishing, with a quick connect livewell and built-in washout system, a modular swivel fishing seat, a system anchor, advanced battery system and Garmin 7-inch touchscreen fish finder and navigation system.

On the other end of the spectrum, Sea-Doo also introduced the new FishPro Scout 130. Based on Sea-Doo’s GTI platform, the Scout 130 creates an affordable option for what Sea-Doo calls the “casual angler.” or the woman looking for both leisure activities and a great fishing experience. The Scout 130 includes a redesigned 51-liter LinQ fishing cooler, adjustable rod holders on both the cooler and the front mounts, a 6-inch Garmin system, and additional storage accessories.

“Sport fishing is now the fastest growing segment in the industry,” said Heintz. “And it’s amazing to see so many people discovering Sea-Doo life through the FishPro, so it felt like a natural next step in giving our customers more of what they are looking for. “

While Sea-Doo’s other PWC platforms have remained mostly unchanged aside from some new color and graphics options, Sea-Doo has announced that it is expanding some of its technology options to new platforms. . Specifically, Sea-Doo is now offering its new infotainment system with color LCD display – initially featured as only available on the GTX Limited in 2021 – on the FishPro Trophy, RXP-X, RXT-X and WakePro 230. What’s more. , Sea-Doo also announced the expansion of its iDF system to its entertainment segment for 2022.

As always, Sea-Doo also introduced a handful of new accessories – including a new LinQ multi-cargo rack – for the MY22.

“All of this opens up a whole range of possibilities for customizing your day on the water,” Heintz said.

With a slew of new options, accessories and models, and despite the highest demand ever in the industry, Heintz said the Sea-Doo team is production ready like never before and ready to continue to attract. more people on the water and live the Sea-Doo life like never before.


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