Rust adds a plethora of underwater features, including subs and sharks, in latest update


Rust, the open-world sandbox game that swept the streaming – and subsequently the internet – landscape earlier this year, received a massive update today.

The update brings several new built-in gameplay features, all of which are largely water-centric. To begin with, the last Rust The update introduces procedurally generated underwater labs for players to explore. These laboratories act like dungeons filled with enemies to defeat and puzzles to solve. But if you and your friends are ready to cross the water and brave the labs, you’ll be rewarded with new loot.

Navigate Rust, players will have to use the two new types of submarines added to the game. Players can dive beneath the waves in submarines built for one or two players.

And while there will be plenty of activities to try out underwater, Rust players who prefer to stay dry will have plenty to do at sea level in the latest game update. The “Handmade Fishing Rod”, which has been in the game’s files for several months, is finally available . Future fishmongers will have to equip their rods with bait and precisely roll up the fish from the shore.

Eight fish are available to fish in the new update: herring, anchovy, perch, catfish, salmon, sardines, rough orange, and small sharks.

Sharks play a relatively central role in recent Rust update too. Whenever you try to explore a dive site, there is a possibility that a shark may spawn at the site. The shark will patrol the area and must be defeated before players can claim any of the treasures the site has to offer. The best way to defeat these sharks is to equip the new Speargun weapon, which can be crafted on a first level workbench.

August update for Rust, titled “Going Deep”, is now available to play on the live servers.

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