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Harbor Springs: Lake trout were caught around 5 Mile and a coho was caught near Harbor Point. Most of the boats were targeting salmon from Harbor Point in the east to the state park. The salmon approached the coastal stopover to browse the rivers. The mild, dry weather kept them in the lake for a bit longer than usual, but they are expected to start running heavier over the next week or so.

Frankfort: Coho salmon and chinook were caught off breakwaters and while trolling in the harbor area. There were a few cool Chinooks heading for the river. Anglers who have ventured to Platte Bay have reported good catches of coho. Most of them caught on spinner bait while throwing or jigging.

Manistee: Boat fishermen have had low success rates on the shelf and must have gone to 200-250 feet of water for a few coho and rainbow trout. Most of the fish were caught with a spoon. Boats fishing in the harbor tagged fish early in the morning, but few were caught. Fishing at the wharf was very slow. The Big Manistee River was productive for chinook salmon.

Ludington: Fishing was slow for boats and docked fishermen, although many fish were tagged. Chinooks continue to move up the Pere Marquette River. Fishing in the river was decent. When the weather permits, anglers should try deeper waters as adult chinooks arrive and the deep-sea fishery should warm up.

Charlevoix: Boat fishermen fished for salmon and trout. Salmon fishermen focused on the area from the channel to the cement plant. A few chinook and coho salmon were caught. Some lake trout have been captured at 9 Mile Point. Fishermen were targeting smallmouth bass in the canal, but the effort has not been high lately. The fishermen mainly fished the bottom with real and artificial worms.

Petoskey: Boat anglers mostly focused on salmon just outside the breakwater area near the marina. The Bear River had a few small runs of salmon, mostly coho salmon with some chinook mixed in. Some pink salmon were also noticed in the mix. Fishermen caught small rainbow trout from the dam at the mouth of the river. Fishermen mainly used egg-laying bags, skeins, artificial single eggs and flies in this area. A pair of coho and chinook were captured at the ends of the docks / jetties. The most productive times were very early in the morning or after sunset. Fishermen used stickbaits and spoons in these places. There were also a couple of chinook caught at the mouth of the river while spawning.


Alpena: Some fishermen have had success with mixed bags of walleye, lake trout and a few salmon. Trolling spoons and spin-and-glows at different depths were popular with anglers to target salmon and trout. While body trolling bait was the popular method of targeting walleye in the bay.

Cheboygan: Chinook salmon were present downstream of the dam. Green baits or spawning bags provided fishermen with the best results when fishing for salmon at Cheboygan Dam. The average size of the salmon caught was between 25 and 35 inches and between 15 and 20 pounds.

Ocqueoc River: Fishing along the Ocqueoc River and near the mouth of the river was slow. Anglers caught a few smallmouth bass and pike in the evening using natural bait near the mouth of the river.

Thunder Bay River: Angling has grown significantly as chinook salmon entered the river. Fishermen also caught sunfish, bass, pike, catfish and very occasionally walleye. Common methods used by anglers included throwing stick bait, body bait and spinning or drifting leeches and nocturnal caterpillars. While targeting catfish, dropshot rigs were the most common method. While targeting the salmon, the fishermen threw body bait and spoons as well as floating eggs.

Oscoda: Fishermen caught lake trout, rainbow trout, and walleye. Fishermen at the wharf mostly caught bass and chinook salmon. Trolling spoons of different colors around 80 to 100 feet of water were the popular method of targeting salmon and trout. Common methods for anglers who targeted bass, walleye, and catfish were floating leeches and nocturnal caterpillars, casting sticks or body bait, and using drop platforms. for the catfish. Fishermen at the wharf targeting salmon threw spoons and body bait.

Rivière Au Sable: Fishermen have had success with bass, pike, sunfish and some catfish and salmon. Catfish and sunfish were captured using drop shot type platforms with nocturnal caterpillars at dusk.

Rogers City: Anglers were successful in catching chinook salmon. The best depths were between 50 and 90 feet of water. The salmon have been in deeper water so far this season. Fishermen fished near the bottom with spoons, attractors with flies, squid or cut bait. Anglers should use lures throughout the water column for best results. Adult salmon were turning dark. As the water cools this should improve mixed bag fishing where anglers can catch rainbow trout, coho salmon, lake trout, Atlantic salmon and juvenile chinook. Good colors have been greens, blues, black and white oranges, and the bright early and late stuff. The lake trout was near the bottom when the water was hot, but as the water cools it will also hang.

Houghton Lake: Bluegill and crappie were caught in seagrass beds. Leeches, waxworms and minnows performed best.

Tawas: Boat fishermen would catch a few smallmouth bass inside the bay near the shore as well as near the tip while throwing spinners, body baits, and jigs. Walleye fishing was slow. Anglers and wharf anglers would catch a few chinook salmon in the Tawas River at Gateway Park while throwing spoons and body bait. Fishermen at the wharf in the harbor were catching a few small poles with minnows.

Au Gres: There were good catches of perch in the navigation channel in 40 to 50 feet of water off the minnows. The fishermen sorted a lot of young and fished for 4 to 6 hours. The fishermen at the wharf of the Au Gres river caught a lot of small sunfish and sunfish off the worms and a few small perch were also kept away from the minnows. Boom fishermen have had some uneven success at the weather buoy in 47 feet of water. The fishermen sorted a lot of small poles to keep a few. A few boats were fishing for walleye from Au Gres without success.

Sumac Island: Fishermen would catch a good number of largemouth bass and pike while casting various artificial baits. The best catches were from beds of weeds in about three feet of water.


Ontonagon: The fishermen were doing pretty well fishing for lake trout. The fish were about four pounds, and a few 15-pound fish were caught dragging spoons. Fish were caught between 80 and 140 feet, but some fishermen fished shallower trying to find salmon, brown trout, and rainbow trout to no avail. with only one legal fish reported.

Union Bay: Anglers would start to find lake trout in 100 feet of water or less by trolling spoons. Similar to Ontonagon, there were some nice fish around 15 pounds with lots of good eaters caught.

Black River Harbor: Anglers were starting to hunt for salmon in the shallow water. Lake trout fishermen would catch a catch in 140 feet of water while dragging spoons and sometimes flashing lights in the hopes of picking up a stray coho or chinook.

Keweenaw Bay: Fishermen have reported luck trolling early / mid-morning and early evening. Lake trout, coho and chinook accounted for most of the catch from Keweenaw Bay. Anglers also reported good jigging catches in Keweenaw Bay for lake trout. Lake trout mostly came out of Huron Bay with salmon coming in.

Munising Bay: A few coho salmon and mussels were caught at the Anna River wharf. Fishermen cast with a combination of assorted baits, spoons, jigs, and spawn.

Grand Marais: Lake trout anglers have done well with a good Big Reef catch with fish up to 19 pounds. Coho trollers reported that they had no luck trolling east towards the Sucker River. A few anglers were fishing at the mouth of the Sucker River and reported no success.

Entrance to Big Traverse Bay / South Portage: Anglers have reported catches of rainbow trout, coho and pike. Most of the fish have been trolled, but some anglers have been lucky when casting bluegill and bass. Anglers were also able to catch yellow perch. Trolling before noon was when most of the fish were biting.

By Train: Fishermen have reported small rainbow trout and a few coho caught at the mouth of the Rock River on spawning bags.

Marquette: There have been reports of coho captured in the Chocolay River. Most fishermen used spinners and spoons and pink was the color of choice. Anglers were catching lake trout and a few reports of coho had been caught while trolling at the mouths of the Carp and Chocolay rivers.

Little Bay de Noc: Perch fishermen have had fair to good success. Most came out of Kipling and received small bites and the occasional guard on caterpillars. Walleye fishermen had low catch rates when trolling with caterpillar harnesses.

Big Bay de Noc: Pike fishermen troll and cast but have reported only limited success. There weren’t many smallmouth fishermen in the area, but those who came out were in contact with fish.

St. Ignatius / Les Cheneaux: Fishermen caught chinook at the mouth of the Carp River. In the Cheneaux region, anglers caught a few ores, but numbers were low. Fishermen caught smaller perch around Dollar Island and pike and bass in Government Bay. There was a lot of activity at Nunns Creek, but only a few chinook were caught.


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