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Target shooting is another outdoor option and challenges people to test their skills against themselves as well as friendly competition with others. It helps develop hand-eye coordination, focus and focus, and more. Plus, with the right instructions, it teaches the consequences of aiming at something and pulling the trigger.

Our daughter has been around guns her whole life and at a very young age she became a better shooter than most adults I know. She learned safety before anything else and saw the effects of a bullet hitting pumpkins, watermelons and other targets. Her first shot was on a can of lukewarm water well shaken, and when the BB pierced the foil, the sight of the spray and the can flying end to end made a deep impression on her.

Other outdoor activities

If you’re not into fishing or shooting, Texas still offers great outdoor recreation through its state parks, and there are quite a few within an hour’s drive of Waco. – including Texas’ first state park, Mother Neff. There are plenty of camping areas, hiking and biking trails, archaeological sites and other attractions just waiting for your arrival.

Outdoor sports are unique in many ways. First of all, these are participatory sports that allow people to participate throughout their lives. Second, fishing and hunting are the only sports in our society that literally deal with life and death. Third, in today’s world where it is not safe to breathe around strangers, outdoor sports provide a safer way to spend time with others. You’re naturally apart from each other – at least far enough away that you don’t hit each other when you cast your bait.


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