One of our favorite celebrities was spotted fishing in Idaho


One of our favorite celebrities enjoys fishing in Idaho

One of my favorite t-shirts in 4th grade was a light blue t-shirt featuring the one and only Fonz! I thought I was the coolest kid, I even took my 4th grade class picture wearing this T-shirt.

Garry Marshall Theater’s 3rd Annual Founder’s Gala Honoring Original “Happy Days” Cast

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Winkler starred in Arrested Development and The Waterboy

You may not know the show that made Henry Winkler famous, but you know him from so many other shows. Winkler has become a cultural icon and even his leather jacket from Happy Days is in the Smithsonian Institute.

Growing up, I never could have imagined a celebrity coming Washington Where Oregon but I soon realized that celebrities are just like us and some celebrities really like their peach.

18th Annual Brandon Tartikoff Legacy Awards

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My father’s favorite activity was fishing and even though he is deceased, I think he would be delighted if Henry Winkler fished in the creeks of Idaho.

Winkler was spotted fishing in Idaho waters

We always knew the Pacific Northwest as a great place to fish and hunt and now it seems our favorite celebrities have discovered the peaceful and relaxing waters and streams of Idaho.

Henry Winkler was spotted in Idaho fishing for a storm and it looks like CBS this morning came around. Winkler took his Twitter to show off his amazing catches and photos from his Idaho fishing trip.

I’m sure those who rushed at Henry Winkler did a double take but soon realized yes, the Fonz was there fishing. I have heard that Henry Winkler is cordial and kind if you meet him face to face. I watch his sound recording Idaho trip in his photos and it looks like he landed “The Big One”

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