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Players will need to visit a river or lake to encounter aquatic life forms from which to harvest this material. Here’s how to do it!

In MMORPGs as large and complex as New world, sometimes players are so bombarded with information that it can be difficult to keep it, such as where to find specific materials and resources. Fortunately, the mechanics of the game can most often be intuitive, allowing those with strong gaming instincts to understand certain processes organically.

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To obtain fish oil, for example, players will need to visit a river or lake to encounter aquatic life forms from which to harvest this material. However, there are better places than others as well as a crucial step to getting fish oil.

Where to find fish

the fishing spot of the primrose farm to the west of the wind.

An excellent fishing spot in safe territory

Fishing can be done in a wide variety of places, however, there are some places that produce more aquatic goods than others. Primrose, west of Windsward Hamlet, is a great spot that can be accessed fairly early on, as there are plenty of fish to catch in the nearby river bed.

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How to search for fish

This spot is by no means the only great place to fish, and players can even easily research other options. In the inventory menu, you can type “Fish” in the search bar and this will bring up fishing spots on your map.

How to catch fish

Players will need a fishing rod to catch fish, which can be crafted using his engineering skills or purchased from a store. The mini-game that occurs when players throw their line into the water and hook a fish is fairly straightforward as it involves the usual tension mechanics and a bit of patience.

How to get fish oil from fish

player looking at a small fish in his inventory.

Recover fish oil

Obtaining fish oil is quite easy, as all you have to do is select a fish from its inventory after it is caught and collect it to break it down into several different components. Players will still be guaranteed certain fish fillets when retrieving a fish, however, fish oil is a rare byproduct of the process. This is the only way to harvest fish oil, so make sure you have the right angling skills to get plenty of this gear.

What fish to catch for fish oil

According to his article information, Fish oil can be derived from common and uncommon fish as well as sturgeon and swordfish. When looking for this gear, be sure to target these kinds of underwater creatures by selecting the best bait for the species.

What fish oil is used to make

For the most part, fish oil is not a widely used component, although it is crucial in making cooking oil. The latter type of oil is needed for various types of recipes and foods, so those who intend to become a gourmet chef in New world will probably need a lot of stuff.

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