New source of eggs promised to Peruvian trout producers


By growing Troutlodge stocks from egg to mature spawning stock in Chichillapi, the eggs will be reared throughout their life cycle in the unique conditions of the high Andes.

“Over the past two years, we have seen demand for Troutlodge eggs become even more popular due to increased resistance to Bacterial Cold Water Disease (BCWD) and increasing supply difficulties seen in several countries. producers. This next step in our long-standing cooperation with Coraqua is a big step towards increasing the availability of our eggs for rainbow trout farmers around the world, and shows our commitment to being at the forefront. of a prosperous and thriving trout industry on a global scale,” said Keith Drynan. , Managing Director at Troutlodgein a press release.

“We are leaders in the import of trout eggs, the production of high quality fingerlings and the import of equipment for the aquaculture sector in Peru. We are delighted to mark this milestone by entering into the strategic partnership with Troutlodge which will bring the first locally produced eggs to market in 2024; the year we celebrate our 13th anniversary,” said Jesus Jaliri Chambilla, CEO of Coraqua.

“Our mission has always been to create development opportunities for our people and local communities in the high Andean region of Peru, by providing excellent quality rainbow trout eggs and fry and offering advice before and after sales to our customers. With Troutlodge broodstock now being grown and sired in our unique environment, our customers will have access to the high quality, high quality trout eggs they know from Troutlodge, with the added benefit of already being acclimatized to the environmental conditions of the high Peruvian Andes throughout their entire life cycle,” said Rosa Huasasquiche Perez, Commercial Director of Coraqua.

With increasing disruptions to international and intercontinental logistics, Hendrix Genetics responded by setting up local grow-out operations for its Kona Bay shrimp brand in Ecuador, Indonesia and India. The strategic partnership with Coraqua follows the same strategy but is the first of its kind for Troutlodge.


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