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The Nevada Department of Public Safety (DPS) Highway Patrol Division continues its mission of promoting safety on Nevada’s highways with the launch of a new nation-wide anti-trafficking campaign. the state on multiple platforms until October 10.

Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT), the Nevada Trucking Association (NTA) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) have combined their efforts with the Highway Patrol Division of the Nevada Department of Public Safety to educate commercial vehicle drivers on identifying signs of human trafficking while positioning State Troopers as a resource to help victims of human trafficking.

Human trafficking is modern day slavery, defined as the buying and selling of human beings for the purpose of forced labor or sexual exploitation. The UNLV Center for Crime and Justice Policy reported that Nevada was tied for ninth in the country in reported human trafficking cases in 2017, with the state average of 89% exceeding the national average of 71%. Sex trafficking has consistently been found to be the most prevalent form of human trafficking in Nevada, with 1,500 women and children in northern Nevada alone being sold online for sexual purposes every day (Creighton University).

Human trafficking is a heinous crime against humanity, and with our allied partners, we will work together to address it immediately, ”said Nevada Highway Patrol Col. Anne Carpenter. “The DPS Highway Patrol is grateful to our partners at Truckers Against Trafficking, the Nevada Trucking Association and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for joining our fight here in Nevada. Together, we will take another step towards protecting and saving the lives of victims of human trafficking across the state.

These staggering statistics are the driving force behind the combined statewide efforts of the NV DPS Highway Patrol, TAT, NTA and FMCSA. The Trucker-Focused Campaign takes a victim-centered approach that educates and encourages commercial vehicle drivers to spot signs of human trafficking; take steps to report suspected trafficking; and be part of the solution while positioning State Troopers as a resource for victims.

Campaign efforts will be focused in rural areas, on open highways, near truck stops, and on state lines along Highways 15, 95, 80, 395 and 160. Messaging will be amplified through public service announcements on radio stations, social media including Facebook, billboards and earned media efforts. For more information and to follow the campaign, please visit

About the Nevada DPS Highway Patrol
The Nevada Department of Public Safety (DPS) Highway Patrol Division, headquartered in Carson City, was established to serve citizens and visitors to Silver State with regional command offices in Reno, Las Vegas and Elko. With statewide jurisdiction, the Troopers promote safety on Nevada’s freeways by engaging and educating the community and providing law enforcement and traffic services to the automotive public. The department is dedicated to saving lives and operates to reduce fatalities on Nevada roads. Whether civilian or sworn, all personnel working at the Nevada DPS Highway Patrol are committed to keeping our roads safe.

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