More than 200 veterans were treated to a fishing trip in Quincy


—WATD 95.9 News & Talk Radio, South Shore Massachusetts

More than 200 disabled veterans from across the state were in Quincy, for a special fishing trip.

Gill Johnston of WATD files this report:

Harvey’s Saltwater Fishing Club in Quincy is hosting the event, which returned for a 64th year after a COVID-related hiatus.

Mike Cheney is the club secretary:

“Planning is exciting, it’s a fun group. The day when everything falls into place is today. Disabled veterans have sacrificed a great deal for our country. At the very least, we can give them one day a year,” Cheney said. “I just want to thank the sponsors, thank everyone who contributed and thank the over 100 volunteers who are here today to make this a success. They all take their day off too to be here, to help. We are very grateful.

Typically they have about 20 lobster boats, five private boats, taking 200 veterans out for the day.

“It’s pretty unbelievable they give up on the day,” Cheney said. “They are sacrificing a lot to make this happen – including their fuel, their time, their effort.”

It doesn’t end with just a fishing trip. Each veteran receives a gift bag and enjoys a day of food and live music upon returning to shore.

Chhunly Prak, from Dracut, is a Navy veteran, who served from 2004 to 2012, with two deployments to Iraq.

He was one of the veterans of the trip.

“It’s fine, it just brings back camaraderie, brotherhood, and stuff like that. It’s something you don’t get as a civilian when you leave the military,” Prak said. It’s something a lot of us miss – the camaraderie and the inside jokes. Especially the inside jokes.

He says it’s also an opportunity to connect veterans with services.

“To see if anyone can help another veteran, if they’re struggling with what they’re struggling with,” Prak said. “PTSD, or just being disabled from service. If they need help, or something like that. It’s just a great opportunity to network and get to know each other.

Navy veteran Chhunly Prak, from Dracut, who toured Iraq twice from 2004 to 2012. Photo credit: Lenny Rowe.

For many veterans, this fishing trip is something they look forward to. Photo credit: Gill Johnston.

Over 100 volunteers help make Harvey’s saltwater fishing trip a success. Photo credit: Gill Johnston.

The Quincy Yacht Club docks were lined with boats for the veteran fishing trip. Photo credit: Gill Johnston.

U.S. Army veteran Joseph Bonardi, who served from 1955 to 1958, and his wife, Bert Bonardi, of Auburn. Photo credit: Lenny Rowe.

Typically, about 20 lobster boats and five private boats take 200 veterans fishing for the day. Photo credit: Lenny Rowe.

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