LSU goes full steam ahead with Max Johnson as QB1


NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) – The Max Johnson / Myles Brennan QB battle ended before it really began. Brennan broke the humerus bone in her left arm while on a fishing trip and could be out for three months.

“Well, first of all, we miss Myles. It is very unfortunate. I think Max and Myles and the whole team were looking forward to the competition. It was very close and we didn’t know who was going to be the starting quarterback, so this competition would have been very good for the football team to see this competition in almost every position. It helps that we know who our starting quarterback is. Obviously, he has to do it and has to be able to perform. It allows us to do certain things, obviously he’s a left-hander and Myles is a right-hander. There are things he does different than Myles, I’m not going to say everything – I can’t, but we know Max is a little more mobile than Myles was and there are some things that he can do, but we also have to protect him, but we have to play to win the game, so whatever it is we have to do, ”said LSU head coach Ed Orgeron.

“We all felt bad for Myles. It stung the whole team. He is a leader in our team. I just couldn’t wait to compete with him. We push each other. Can’t wait to (get it back). He’s going to help us throughout the season, ”said Max Johnson.

Johnson is undefeated as a starting quarterback at LSU, going 2-0. So he’s a winner, but there’s a lot more to Johnson’s game.

“I see him every day. He’s a competitor. It is serious. He reminds me of Joe in many ways. The intangibles, the things he does, the work ethic, he wants to be number one. He doesn’t say much. We don’t joke with him a lot. He always does well in class, always competing in the weight room, always competing to be the first, he always studies. He’s a soccer guy, from a soccer family. He’s very competitive and wants to be big. I saw it from him and he doesn’t need to tell me about it, I saw it. He’s got the intangibles, I thought he had a great day today. He’s tall, he’s smart, can see a lot. There are things he needs to improve on, but he’s a young player and these are more or less things that Jake can work on with him. I believe he’s going to be a championship quarterback. I believe in him, ”said Orgeron.

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