Local News: Local Fishing Guide Gets the Fishing Experience of a Lifetime at Spring River (10/13/21)


Tim Shannon, resident of Salem and owner of Pond Pro Fishing Guide, recently caught two golden trout in Spring River. Shannon’s catch came just days after the groundbreaking ceremony for the Jim Hinkle Hatchery for a major renovation project.

With recent renovations coming up to the Jim Hinkle National Fish Hatchery, recently announced by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, this is already a given that will give Fulton County a boost.

The timing couldn’t have been better as just days after the inauguration ceremony, the personal catches of a fishing guide would be a sign of things to come. However, local fisherman and river guide Tim Shannon thinks this is all “God’s business.”

Shannon was fishing with her family when he saw the elusive golden trout. ?? I have been guiding on Spring River now since 2017. When they stocked those golden trout there, for me personally, it reignited that urge to go out there and fish. Going out there and catching not one, but two fish of a lifetime on the same day is just amazing, ?? Shannon said. So he proceeded to tell the story.

We had fun fishing that day. I have a military uncle who came and wanted to go fishing. We went out Thursday after work for a little trip and saw a golden trout. We sat on this fish for three hours trying to catch it. It wasn’t going to bite anything, it just wasn’t going to. Shannon set off again the next day, near the same area, for eight hours trying to grab him and watch what he would feed on, as he would come back every now and then, he said. ?? We sat all day Saturday, I went out and they came out of nowhere. They are gold and how they hide the way they do I have no idea. ??

He was finally able to hunt several golden trout over the next few days, being nicknamed “The Golden Guide”? by clients. It was definitely a challenge. I had to use a few tricks that I used to guide on White River to catch this fish in Spring River. So that was really cool; trying to figure it out, seeing what it would bite on. It’s part of the fishing game. When you can go out and have a day like the one we had, and to top it off with two fish like that, it’s just amazing.

Shannon hopes the community and tourists alike begin to see Spring River as more than just a party river and enjoy the sport of fishing. I’m here to tell you that they’re getting ready to bring the White River Mojo to Fulton County and it’s going to be an amazing thing. They’re going to set it up where the White River will literally be in our backyard. I know it’s only 45 minutes from Salem, but to have it 10 minutes ?? oh it’s gonna be amazing.

If you want to book an outdoor adventure with Shannon, find Pond Pro on Facebook at facebook.com/pondpro.


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