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OSWEGO – The Lake Ontario Counties Fall Tournament began August 20 and runs through Monday September 6, offering a grand prize of $ 25,000 to the angler who catches the biggest salmon.

The three divisions are Salmon, Brown Trout and Rainbow / Steelhead.

For the salmon division, first place pays $ 5,000. Other prizes for the first five include $ 2,000 for the second, $ 1,100 for the third, $ 900 for the fourth and $ 700 for the fifth.

Anglers ranked sixth through tenth earn $ 400. Those who rank 11th to 15th earn $ 200, and those who rank 16th to 20th earn $ 100.

For the other two divisions, first place earns $ 2,500. Other prizes are $ 1,000 for the second, $ 550 for the third, $ 450 for the fourth, $ 350 for the fifth, $ 200 for seats 6-10, $ 100 for seats 11-15 and $ 50 for seats 16-20.

There are also daily big fish prizes.

The awards ceremony will take place on September 6 at Captain Jack’s in Sodus Point.

As of September 3, the grand prix leader is Zane Smith of New Brighton, Pa., With a 32-pound, 4-ounce salmon weighed in at Olcott.

Theresa Hoodley of Pottstown, Pa., Sits first in the salmon division with a 32-pound catch and 2-ounce weigh-in at Wilson.

Mexican Roy Hunsberger is 19th with a 27-pound, 10-ounce salmon weighed in at Woody’s Tackle & General Store in Pulaski.

In the Rainbow / Steelhead division, the leader is Karen Mang of East Concord with a 16-pound catch and 12-ounce weigh-in at Olcott.

Gary Cregan of Rochester leads the brown trout division with a 16 pound, 12 ounce fish weighed in in Kent.

Visit www.loc.org to register for the derby or for updated rankings.

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