Hill Farm by Sagra is now open in the Equinox Mountain Valley


Hill Farm by Maggie Fisher.

Vermont Business Magazine The Hill Farm Inn is now Hill Farm by Sagra and is officially open to guests for an enhanced experience that allows visitors to stay on a sustainable farm and immerse themselves in the beautiful landscape with breathtaking views of the green mountain ranges and taconics. Nestled in the valley of Equinox Mountain along the Battenkill River, Hill Farm began as a Vermont dairy in the 1780s and opened its doors to overnight guests in the mid-1800s.

Over the past 10 years the Pollard family, owners of Hill Farm, have carefully restored and renovated the Hill Farm Inn, Cottages and Barns and have now added a wonderful new restaurant with stunning views of the farm and the Equinox mountain valley. Designed with the guest experience in mind, Hill Farm is equipped with beautiful accommodation that showcases the property’s unique history and the area’s natural environment, offering a wide range of on-farm and off-farm activities. farm that connect guests to the land.

The Pollards have now partnered with Sagra to enhance and expand the Hill Farm guest experience to include a sustainable vegetable farm with hands-on classes and farm-to-table meals that showcase beauty and bounty. of the southern Vermont region.

Sagra, which means “a local festival and party to celebrate the harvest – a celebration of nature, the land and its bounty” in Italian, offers unique hospitality experiences on farms that inspire deep connections with our food, land and each other. The company aims to provide experiences that show customers how regenerative agriculture can help fight climate change and build healthy ecosystems. Hill Farm by Sagra is the company’s second location, with their first at Stemple Creek Ranch in Tomales, Calif., and a third set to open in New York’s Catskills area in 2023.

“Hill Farm offers travelers a wonderful opportunity to connect with Vermont’s agricultural history while enjoying the magnificent views, hiking or fishing along the historic Battenkill River, and discovering the nearby town of Manchester. We hope everyone walks away with a deeper connection to the land and how our food is grown. – David Rust, CEO of Sagra.


The property offers newly restored accommodations with 11 rooms in the historic inn and 4 private cottages, available in three- and four-bedroom configurations with full kitchens. The design is centered on the region, with materials that combine modernity and rustic for a comfortable stay for solo travelers, couples and groups of friends or family. Each room is uniquely designed with pieces sourced from local and sustainable artisans, including Cieri Fabrication ceramics and Vermont Heritage Wool Company blankets. In-room amenities include guidebooks, books on food and agriculture, seeds guests can plant when they return home, Sagra replenishing soaps made by MoonCloth Design, and Made In kitchen utensils in the cottages.


With 15 years of agricultural expertise throughout New England, farm manager Nicole Duch breathes new life into the soil of Hill Farm through regenerative practices and the introduction of a market garden, which is a production small-scale diversified vegetable, fruit and flower market sold directly to consumers and restaurants that is both economically and environmentally sustainable. Hill Farm’s new crop rotation is essential for balancing nutrients in the soil and maintaining ecosystem health. This includes applying compost and other natural amendments, ensuring that heavy forage crops, such as tomatoes and cabbage, are followed by lighter forage crops, such as lettuces and peas, and growing cover crops whose purpose is to nourish the soil. Going forward, the property will add a propagation house for growing year round in this cold climate and a much anticipated berry orchard.


The facility offers guided and self-guided experiences that connect guests more deeply to their environment, agriculture, and each other. The wide range of activities includes farm tours, cooking classes, harvesting activities, fly fishing, hiking, natural dyeing, yoga, feeding the four alpacas and lounging by the pool and on the grounds with s’mores and lawn games.

To eat

The on-property dining experience allows guests to immerse themselves in understanding the importance and history of regenerative agriculture. The restaurant tells this story by showcasing ingredients from the farm, native plants and nearby food producers, highlighting crops that are planted in rotation for soil health and using whole animal butchery. Vermont-native chef Austin Poulin, formerly of Blue Hill at Stone Barns in New York and Albi in Washington DC, helms the restaurant, where he creates wood-fired dishes that encapsulate the surrounding food pan.

Breakfast is included for all guests, with items such as locally made yogurt and granola and sourdough pancakes with blueberries and roasted maple bacon. For the fall, dinner is served as a prix-fixe family meal to encourage conversation and community. Dishes include Hill Farm Tomatoes and Melon, Studio Hill Farm Tropea Leg of Lamb and Onion, and Lime Pavlova. Also on the property is The Farmstand, which features local produce, groceries, and area makers for customers and locals to purchase. Many items eaten at dinner or seen on the site are available for purchase.

Fly fishing by Oliver Parini

SUNDERLAND, VERMONT, September 23, 2022 – Hill Farm by Sagra


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