Hanganeni challenges illegal fishermen


The director of the Hanganeni Artisanal Fishing Association (HAFA), Herman/Honeb, is outraged by the illegal fishing activities in Henties Bay, Swakopmund and Walvis Bay. According to /Honeb, illegal fishing undermines the price of high-value fish for its members.

“They use worms and engage in informal commercial fishing and trading due to unemployment and the incapacity of law enforcement. Many of them claim they want instant money and don’t want to wait a week for their claims to be taken care of as that is the procedure with HAFA.

He added: “Big 4×4 bakkies and a growing number of ski-boats are catching fish using worms, trading in HAFA markets, undermining the price of high-value fish. For example, Kabeljou was oversupplied and the price fell to N$28/kg”.

The director noted that due to these illegal activities, HAFA has to seek domestic and international markets to maintain the price of its valuable fish.

“Their illegal fishing and trade interferes with our commercial market. The increase in the number of ski-boat licenses has caused market saturation; therefore, Kabeljou prices have dropped drastically,” /Honeb said when responding to questions from this post.

HAFA is a small-scale fishing organization (trust) founded under the Ministry of Fisheries in 2003. The organization assists small-scale fishers and women by providing transport, establishing a market for their catches and providing occupying the majority of their fisheries. Needs.

/ Honeb further stated that HAFA anglers and women use traditional methods which inherently control the catches and strictly adhere to the Ministry’s rules and regulations, as well as their operational guidelines. They also control catches by limiting numbers and sizes.

HAFA has engaged the Department of Fisheries to seek recognition of its role in the conservation of fisheries and marine resources.

According to /Honeb, HAFA has a fish shop that sells fresh ocean fish caught by independent traditional fishermen and women. The fish shop includes Kabeljou, Galjoen (black bream) and Steenbras, as well as Snoek and also fish from other suppliers such as Kingklip, hake, sole, red, angelfish and calamari.

“The facility also offers take-out, where customers can buy fresh and well-prepared fish of the day, including smoked fish, fish curry, fish cakes, fish salads, etc. HAFA also operates a fish shop in Uis and is able to supply fresh fish to Windhoek and other accessible locations at affordable prices,” he pointed out.

In the short term, HAFA is focusing on improving the capacity to manage ship and ski boat operations, including captain training, crew orientation, basic boat management and maintenance. vessels, targeting HAFA staff and artisanal fishers.

Another focus area is to strengthen the quality standards of a processing plant to improve the quality of fish products to maintain the brand of fresh fish from the ocean. It further aims to improve sales and marketing by promoting line fish as the fish of choice, especially Kabeljou and Galjoen.

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2022-02-18 Maihapa Ndjavera


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