Greek Ministries Join Forces to Take Fishing Tourism to the Next Level


Deputy Minister of Tourism Sofia Zacharaki and Deputy Minister of Agriculture Simos Kedikoglou recently signed a cooperation protocol for the promotion and development of fishing tourism in Greece.

“With the memorandum we have agreed and signed, we seek to promote Greece as an international destination for fishing tourism, always respecting sustainable development,” Zacharaki said on Friday.

According to the Deputy Minister of Tourism, the memorandum provides for the launch of initiatives aimed at promoting fishing through new and innovative activities.

The planned initiatives should open new horizons for the enrichment of the Greek tourist product.

In particular, an inter-ministerial “fishing tourism management team” will be formed and will be responsible for designing the framework, launching synergies and carrying out actions for the promotion of fishing tourism. The actions will include the active participation of local fishermen.

Within the framework of the memorandum, the two Greek ministries will proceed for the first time to the preparation and implementation of a “National Strategy for the Promotion of Fishing Tourism”.

The signing of the memorandum follows discussions between the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Rural Development and Food as well as meetings with local actors and entrepreneurs for the promotion of fishing tourism activities.

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