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My father, even at 76, puts everyone around him first, including my mother (and his fifty-three-year-old wife), his three children, and his grandchildren. And honestly, he’s not very good at it. Her idea of ​​a great gift is a long conversation at the kitchen table. But I remember one Father’s Day where I managed to get a “Wow” from him. The package was small and contained a pair of polarized sunglasses for his fishing trips in eastern North Carolina. The man never owned a proper pair until then, instead buying the cheap ones at the gas station on his way to the beach. And guess what? He hasn’t lost the good guys yet. So the lesson I learned is that it all boils down to finding the right gift for anything that lets the dad or father figure in your life really relax and have fun. Below are several ideas that might just do the trick.

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For the deckchair

G&G editor David DiBenedetto introduced me Tupelo Merchandise, a Texas-based company that makes all kinds of fun outdoor products, including beach carts, cornhole boards, and swing sets. But I always come back to those outdoor lounge chairs. They’re made from the same polypropylene used in heavy-duty coolers, and their design is the perfect marriage of ergonomics and durability. $595 per chair;


For the grill

I’m a fan of the simple aesthetic of this smokeless fireplace from Breeo. But for dads who love to cook outdoors, the grill set includes a grate and accessories that turn it into a nifty high-heat cooker. A G&G The staff member used a cast iron skillet on the grill with a little water to roast the oysters. Starting at $649;


For the meteorologist

This climate meter of Garret Wade is a beautiful (read: non-electronic) and practical object to hang just outside the kitchen window. Along with measuring the temperature, it also has a humidity gauge so Dad knows exactly what kind of day he’s dealing with while he pours his morning coffee. $98;


For the boater

Whether on the boat, beach trips, barbecues or as an everyday pair, these polarized sunglasses from Raen combine fashion and functionality. The silhouette is timeless and they are also available in several colors. I especially like the blue frames and the turtle option (shown). $180;


For the gardener

A few gardening enthusiasts I know are obsessed with the Hori Hori knife, a traditional Japanese gardening tool, and now I’m officially on board too. Multi-tool for the garden, this version of Ground is excellent for dividing plants, breaking roots and all sorts of green thumb tasks. $58;


For the cook

This comprehensive collection of spices from spicewalla is the perfect gift for the dad getting rid of the cares of the day in the kitchen or at the grill. Inspired by his childhood in India, North Carolina chef named James Beard Meherwan Irani founded the company to offer fresh and flavorful spices and blends, and this kitchen essentials pack includes eighteen different selections. Black chili powder is especially good in a dry rub recipe. $99;


For the sports dad

Alright, so you don’t have to be an athlete dad to be in pain (sometimes it goes hand in hand with being a old Dad) but these rolling massage and trigger point therapy tools by Wood Creations work wonders and are easier on the eyes than similar technologies. $85;


For the stressed dad

Not all CBD tinctures are created equal, but this THC-free formula by penguin contains up to 5,000 milligrams of broad-spectrum CBD extract (skip flavors for original). It brings a certain serious serenity. Also: Also check out their sleep gummies. $300 for 5000mg;


For the foraging dad

Here in the Lowcountry, foraging for chanterelles is a popular seasonal pastime, as is here and in the south, foraging in the wild for all sorts of other edibles. This forage bag of Live the bare bones is made for all those adventures or just a trip to the farmers market. $70;


For the outdoor dad

One way or another, the magicians of Orvis came up with a hat with built-in insect repellent that also provides sun protection. Oh, and it’s waterproof and floats too. $79;


For the caffeinated dad

Any parent of young children will tell you that drinking lukewarm coffee that was once hot is only part of the story. Enter this beautiful idea: a coaster and a charging cup by ember, which maintains the perfect temperature no matter how many distractions the kids throw at you. $100;

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