Grand County Fishing Report: Slush is forming on the lakes

Rainbow and brown trout fishing was fair on Lake Granby.
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Big Lake : Spring is upon us at Grand Lake. Some days are warm to almost warm and other days are still well below freezing.

Nevertheless, the ice continues to grow and it reaches two feet at the moment. That said, make sure you have sharp blades on your auger, as it will take a bit of time to descend and reach the water.

The rainbow and brown trout fishing has been a little spotty lately due to the fishing pressure the lake has been under for the past two weeks. Finding fresh fish is what will really lead to success and that means moving around a lot.

Don’t be afraid to venture into uncharted territory, away from community holes, in order to find the most willing fish. When you find them, we suggest fishing for something flashy like a small Leech Flutter Spoon on a rod and a small, brightly colored tungsten jig with a waxie on the hook.

The lake trout seem to be holding at this time, with the best bite occurring fairly early in the morning. Most of the fish we catch are between 40 and 90 feet on gradual slopes or points. The hanging sting was hot one day and non-existent the next, but keep your eyes peeled for the full water column of your fish finder. When the braces appear, bring this jig about 2-5 feet above the fish and watch them charge to eat your bait. This is very fun.

Dark colored soft tubes/plastics worked well on the fish down and brighter, flashier colors worked better for the suspenders. As spring progresses, we urge everyone to keep their distance from the pumping area and entrances. The water will soon start flowing and this will change the ice conditions within minutes.

— Guide Jake Foos

Williams fork: With the recent snow, travel has become more difficult with the presence of melting snow. It’s a big factor in your day, so make sure you have proper footwear to deal with slush conditions.

Lake trout biting was slow to moderate with most fish caught in 50-70 feet of water. Small plastics (less than 2 inches) with sucker meat yielded the most fish. On days when the bites are harder, staying mobile and moving around produced more bites.

— Guide Sam Hochevar

Lake Granby: Lake Granby is also experiencing a bit more slush, but overall travel conditions are good on the lake. The rainbow and brown trout fishing was fair.

The key has been to find those transition areas between rock and mud or the edges of drop-offs. Typical baits are still bitten, like small spoons or wax-tipped tungsten, but location is key. Lake trout bite was fair to good depending on the day.

Mobility, finesse and attention to detail were key to last week’s success. We find fish in 35 to 70 feet of water, and finesse baits in mysis imitations like a small tungsten with Clam Silkie or a small tube panfish have been very productive baits.

As always, don’t forget your tube jigs, as some days the larger profile baits produce the small baits, and a little fresh sucker meat on your jig can be a big help.

—Guide Dan Shannon

The Fishing with Bernie team has been guiding in Grand County for over 25 years. For more information, please see, or our Instagram pages and


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