Genshin Impact launches version 2.1 update


Genshin Impact launches version 2.1 update

Genshin Impact just launched his new version 2.1 update to celebrate the game’s 1st anniversary. The update is packed with new story content, new characters, new worlds to explore, new weapons and monsters, and a new fishing system. There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the new playable character, Raiden Shogun, which has just been released with the new update. Raiden Shogun represents the Electric Element and uses an Electric Polearm for damage. During her burst attack option, she changes her weapon to a sword. In addition to this character, Sangonomiya Kokomi from the Hydro Element and Kujou Sara from the Electro Element have also been added as playable characters with this update.

The new island, Watatsumi Island, is an ocean-themed island in Inazuma that matches the new character, Kokomi. It’s filled with lakes and waterfalls as well as calming blue trees and castles. This island is a perfect place to try out the new fishing system. The second island out, Seirai Island, is an electro-themed island that is surrounded by a constant thunderstorm. It matches the new character, Raiden Shogun.

In the new fishing system, players can find and collect unique fish species in each fishing location. Using different forms of bait can also increase the likelihood of catching new types of fish. These fish can be used in cooking to create new recipes or traded at the Fishing Association for treasures. This system offers a calming new way to pass time in the game that gives players a break from battles.

The update also includes new monsters to fight: Signora, Hydro Hypostasis, Thunder Manifesto and Specters. New events to play include the “Moonlight Merriment” festival where players can participate in new activities and earn rewards and “The Passage of Clouds and Stars”.


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