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AL-MUKALLA: The Iranian-backed Houthis raided homes in Abedia district, south of Marib district, kidnapping dozens of civilians and transporting them to undisclosed locations, an advocacy group said. Yemeni rights.

The Mothers of Kidnapped Persons Association, an umbrella organization for thousands of women related to prisoners of war, documented the kidnapping of 47 civilians in Abedia as the Houthis broke into residents’ homes, looking for Yemeni army soldiers and members of tribes who resisted their occupation of the district. .

The militia abducted and questioned relatives of the fighters, including children, and intimidated them into revealing information about the fate of their relatives.

They also abducted injured civilians and turned public facilities such as schools into detention centers, the organization said.

“We hold the Houthi armed group fully responsible for the life and safety of all its captives, and demand that they immediately stop all kidnapping operations and release all captives,” the organization said in the statement, urging international rights groups to exert pressure on the militia.

“We call on the United Nations and its special envoy for Yemen, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the international community to exert the necessary pressure on the Houthi armed group in order to free all the captives and missing persons of Abedia. “

Last week, the Houthis took control of most of Abedia after besieging more than 35,000 civilians and government troops who took up arms and repelled incursions into the district.

The Houthi siege of Abedia left civilians trapped in starvation as rebels hampered the distribution of humanitarian aid and barred people from entering or leaving the district.

The siege sparked outrage inside and outside Yemen as activists and international organizations, including the UN Security Council, demanded that the Houthis allow aid workers and the humanitarian aid to reach trapped citizens.

However, the militia ignored calls and stepped up missile and ground attacks until they forced a breakthrough last week and managed to storm the center of the district.

Local activists believe the Houthis forcibly kidnapped and disappeared more than 100 people in Abedia, blew up government officials’ homes and looted property.

“The Houthi militia committed brutal crimes in Abedia, far from the eyes of the media and of local and international human rights organizations,” Mohammed Al-Salehi, editor of the Marib news site, told Arab News on Monday. Press.

In Sana’a, meanwhile, local and international rights groups and government officials said the Houthis evicted the families of two dozen academics who died at Sana’a University from their homes.

On the orders of the Houthi allied president of Sanaa University Al-Qassem Abbas, armed militiamen stormed the homes of families in Sana’a on Sunday and demanded that they leave voluntarily, threatening to be forcibly evicted.

In the past, the Houthis have asked the families of deceased and retired professors to vacate the homes and apartments given to them by Sana’a University as the movement sought to replace them with new academics.

Families said they would be forced to sleep on the streets if they left homes without rent, as the Houthis have not paid the salaries of their deceased relatives and other officials since late 2016.

The Geneva-based SAM for rights and freedoms organization warned that the Houthis were preventing some families of deceased teachers from entering homes and looting furniture and valuables, demanding that the group stop raids against them. the houses of the academics of Sana’a.

Yemeni Information Minister Muammar Al-Eryani condemned the raids and urged the international community and rights groups to pressure the Houthis to end the deportations.

“This terrorist crime is part of a series of abuses committed by the Houthi militias against the elite of society, including academics, academics and intellectuals, limiting them in their livelihoods and pushing them to emigrate,” he said on Twitter.

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