Fly fishing on the Sipsey Fork


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – You don’t need to have fun this summer when you can throw a line on the Sipsey fork!

Brandon and Mary Carole Jackson can say there’s nothing better than a day on the Sipsey Fork.

“I think when you’re out in nature it really connects you to everything around you and you’re more focused on the moment,” Mary Carole said.

It’s easy to focus when a trout hits the hook on one of the Jackson’s fly fishing trips.

“You can see that ah-ha moment,” Mary Carole said.

The four hour trips are done through their Riverside Fly Shop in Bug Tussel, yes you might have to look that up on a map.

“I think being this close to Birmingham gives people an opportunity,” Brandon said.

Because this creek is the only place to fish for trout year-round in Alabama.

“We typically see water temperatures in the 50s,” Brandon added.

“It’s a beautiful day, warming up though, so the water was nice,” Will Johnson said after his trip.

“In the heat of summer, the fish are always there because the water temperatures never really change,” Brandon said.

What changes is the number of children who participate in the visits.

“It’s outside of video games and introducing a whole new skill set,” Mary Carole said.

From ages 5 to 75, the Jacksons take the time to teach the basics of fly fishing like the use of quick strokes and straight wrists.

“Every day I have the opportunity to teach someone different, and it’s a completely new experience with a different person when they finally get it,” said Mary Carole.

But the biggest piece of advice: “Enjoy your time and don’t get frustrated,” said Mary Carole. “It’s a process.”

It will make you addicted!

“Something that’s a skill they can use for the rest of their lives,” Mary Carole said.

You can book tours through the Riverside Fly Shop Facebook page or their website.


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