Belle Fourche reservoir (Orman): Not much happens as the game fish satiate the appetites of the dozens of shad in the lake, a feast easily accessible due to the lake’s low water level. Smallmouth bass activity has been reported on the north side of the dam. However, the boat docks are still in place, and with good weather ahead, a slower-than-desired bite may be bearable.

Black Hills Fly Fishing: River fishing remains excellent, particularly on Rapid, Spearfish and Castle creeks. The Trico Mayfly hatches created good opportunities for early morning dry fly fishing, with hoppers being a more popular choice during the day.

Deerfield Reservoir: Perch activity remains the fish of choice in the lake, the limits being caught on small jigs and caterpillars. Fish are generally located at depths of 25 to 30 feet. Some early morning or late afternoon trout activities.

New Underwood Dam: Some good-sized catfish appear on caterpillars, stinky baits, and chicken livers.

Pactola Reservoir: Bluegill and perch bites continue in the berries with a piece of nightcrawler that works best. Boaters find rainbow trout trolling with cowbells a lot, and shore-based fishermen have the same success using small jigs, spoons, or strong bait. In addition, a few lakers are caught in depth on minnows or chub.


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