Fish and Game hosts virtual public meeting on September 22 to discuss Priest Lake’s cold water bypass


Staff from the Idaho Fish and Game Panhandle area, along with a private contractor, will share information from a new study conducted to assess the feasibility of a cold water diversion in Lake Priest to improve the trout habitat and fishing in the Priest River. The meeting will be held online on Wednesday, September 22 at 6 p.m. PDT. Registration is required for the event. Click on here save.

During parts of most summers, the Priest River is too hot for native fish species like Westslope Cutthroat Trout and Bull Trout to thrive. The watercourse is classified as water whose quality is altered due to temperature. The historic rainbow trout stocking proved unsuccessful in improving fishing, attributed to summer water temperatures soaring above 70 ° F.

Fish and Game examines the possibility of a cold water bypass project to improve trout habitat and the ability to fish in the Priest River by providing cold water from Priest Lake to the river. To know more the concept, Click on here.

Fishermen and other community members who want to know more about it potential project are encouraged to attend the live event September 22.

Fish and Game staff will provide background information on the proposed project, followed by a presentation from a private entrepreneur who will share the results of a recently completed limnology and water quality study in Priest Lake and the Priest river.

The study was carried out to further examine the feasibility of implementing a cold water diversion for the benefit of the Priest River fishery.

The presentations will be followed by a question-and-answer session during which Fish and Game staff and the private contractor will spend time answering questions received from the audience during the meeting.

For those who cannot attend the live event, the meeting will be recorded and posted on the Fish and Game website for future reference.

For more information and a link to register for the live event, please click here or contact the Panhandle Regional Office at (208) 769-1414.

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