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Evolution of fishing

From catfish to trout. Matt Long is a friend of mine who has done the whole makeover from fishing like you do in the south to fishing like you do in the northwest. This includes a recent trip to southern Argentina. “I feel like I’m playing catch-up a bit. I grew up in the south where fishing really meant watching a bobber or cat fish from a dock on a lake and my wife is from Idaho. When i first met her and we were dating and she brought me here for the first time, it was my first experience with western rivers and mountains in general. in the West are a lot prettier than the places I used to watch bobbers in the South. I was initially drawn to some of the scenery. But it’s also a lot more active. Rather than throwing and waiting like we would do it on the lakes I really enjoyed the idea of ​​accurate casting and trying to figure out the lifespan of the bugs There’s a lot more fancy stuff and a level of fishing that has me So it was college for me and I discovered the rivers around Boise and the Sun area Valley. Like everyone else, you go from just wanting to catch fish to wanting to catch bigger and bigger fish in different places. My wife’s father is also a fisherman and we have teamed up to do a few trips. This includes trout fishing in southern Argentina.


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