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State wildlife officials are urging anglers to keep only the fish they will use, to reduce waste.


DOUG LEIER ND Game and Fish Department

Food waste is a hot topic to raise awareness of the changing mindset of letting food spoil, spoil, or in some cases even just take more than you need or will eat. .

For many here in the Midwest, it’s hard to fathom a legacy going back to our ancestors using every part of a slaughtered pig. “Everything but the shrill cry”, as my father’s generation would say.

In a similar post, there is a sign on some North Dakota fishing destinations reminding anglers of the value of the resources they are about to exploit.

The message is simple: “Fish responsibly. Keep only what you will use. Fish are too precious to waste.

“The message is intended to get fishermen to think about the value of our fisheries and our natural resources which belong to everyone and are loved by everyone,” said Greg Power, Chief Fisheries Officer of the Game and Fish Department. . “If the fishing is great all summer, do you really need to keep 50 to 100 walleye when you only use 20?” We try to draw attention to the sometimes unconscious waste of fish.

This waste goes beyond burnt fillets in the freezer that have been stored for too long.

“If you’re making the effort to buy a fishing license, load your gear and set a line, you should have a plan in place when you catch fish,” Power said. “Anglers can’t set the hook first and then worry about what to do with the fish later. We don’t want this precious resource to be thrown in the weeds or burnt in the freezer.


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