Disney Dreamlight Valley gives a “preview” of the free-to-play life simulation


The Disney Dreamlight Valley team has shared a preview of some of the biomes we can explore when the Early Access version of the free-to-play life-sim adventure game becomes available to Xbox Game Pass players later this summer.

Disney Dreamlight Valley will launch in full in 2023, but Xbox Game Pass players will be able to try out the Early Access version when it releases this summer.

Screenshots of Disney Dreamlight Valley

Gameloft’s community manager explains that “As you progress through your story, you will be able to move your house and the houses of your character friends to live in different areas of the village in any of the biomes.” We get a glimpse of some of these biomes in the images above. First there’s the Plaza, where we’ll start, as it’s “full of amazing resources and tools that will kickstart your journey – as well as beloved characters that will help get you started.” When we start there, the square will be full of night thorns and we will be tasked with rebuilding it.

Then there’s the Glade of Trust, which is one of the first areas you can unlock that offers “exciting new resources”. You can fish with Moana at Dazzle Beach, apparently, and help rebuild her wa’a kaulua. In the third image embedded above, where we take a look at Dazzle Beach, you can also see a Dreamlight Valley pillar, although the devs haven’t explained what that is yet. Then there’s Peaceful Meadow – the last image, where “You’ll also notice that many of the valley dwellers have taken up residence.” We’re also told that “many elements of Disney Dreamlight Valley feature dynamic lights that help set the mood for your dawn-to-dusk adventures.”

Disney Dreamlight Valley has you working to restore a world that has descended into chaos after a bizarre event known as The Forgetting caused the inhabitants of the valley to hide in the Dream Castle. We’ll help them reclaim their memories while customizing a village for them to live in, trying everything from fishing and cooking to gardening and designing your outfits and home.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is slated to launch in full in 2023, but an Early Access version will be available this summer for those who have an Xbox Game Pass membership or have purchased the Founder’s Pack. What do you think of Disney Dreamlight Valley so far? Let us know in the comments!


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