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The line started with a slight jerk. The angler at one end reared up on the rod, fixing the hook. However, on the other end of the line, whatever was suddenly decided, he wanted to be somewhere else. There was nothing to do but hang on. For Christian Duplantis, it was another day at the office, provided the office was the Gulf Coast. With this tantalizing scene, his company Destin Inshore Fishing Company, announces that fishing opportunities are now available in Florida.

Owner of Destin Inshore Fishing Company, a saltwater fishing guide, Duplantis is fully certified by the USCG and the State of Florida. Duplantis guides people of all ages on the waters off Destin, Florida, as well as deeper water adventures offshore.

“It is common for some customers with some experience with largemouth bass to feel they can handle it until a red bull takes off on its first of three runs over 100 yards. It’s a real rush for them, and I still can’t get enough of watching it,” said Duplantis.

Duplantis and the Destin Inshore Fishing Company have four boats, each designed for a specific number of anglers and type of fishing. Anglers of all skill levels and ages are welcome. Duplantis likes to guide new and young anglers in particular.

“I make sure to teach them all the right details about keeping, proper handling and of course how to land a fish,” continued Duplantis.

Duplantis fishes virtually year round and has an intimate knowledge of the areas in and around Destin. This way he is able to ensure that anglers have a great time and come home with fresh Florida fish to enjoy along with the great memories they create.

Everything is included in the trip except personal drinks, snacks, sunscreen and polarized glasses. Duplantis has the rods, reels and license for the trip. All trips on all boats start at four o’clock and increase from there.

Learn more about the target fish, see photos and book a trip at Destin Inshore Fishing Company.

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