Chism spins record tuna


A man from Winona took a trip to Florida on a fishing trip just to relax, but redeemed the biggest catch of the day, breaking the Florida state record.

Loyd Chism, 71, said he caught a 244-pound bigeye tuna on a boat owned by his nephew, Steve Carroll. He said the capture was made just off the Gulf of Mexico at Destin.

He said they usually finish at least two to three times a year. This excursion, being no different, began on Monday. He said they caught some, but on Tuesday they decided to go further into the gulf. He said he caught a tuna of about 120 to 130 pounds.

Chism said on Tuesday they went about 160 to 170 miles into the gulf and started fishing again. This time he said he staggered the fat one – literally.

“We started at 11:20 am and it was not brought up until 4:45 pm. It took us about five and a half hours to catch it,” he said. Chism said they knew they had broken the record but didn’t know by how much.

He said captain Brady Bowman said they broke the record of 49.2 pounds. According to Destin Log, the Florida All Tackle record was set by Anthony Beau Kelly with a catch of 194.80.

“We Googled it to see. We knew we had that beat, but we didn’t know how far until we got it on the certified scales,” Chism said.

He said once they docked the tuna was weighed and they were met by Florida Gaming and oceanographers to certify the catch. Chism said they took photos with many officials who were there once at the dock.

And his victory?

“We had it cut up and distributed among the crew and brought it home in coolers. Anything that is not already eaten will be, ”he said.

Chism said that in all they caught six tunas and 32 rascals, which is a type of grouper.

“I’m just glad I had the opportunity to go do it. Not everyone has the opportunity to do this sort of thing. But it was a very good thing and I’m proud of it, ”he said.


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