Chad and the bears

Good friend Chad Hood went on a September fishing trip to Alaska, but there are some interesting aspects to a September fishing trip to Alaska. We were in a very dense brown bear country and so this was one aspect of the trip that always uplifts the senses, if you will. I think back when we were there we had 28 different encounters with bears. You know, in some cases we’ve seen the same bear multiple times in a row, but we were able to do some kind of funny little thing that I do when I’m on these trips to keep track of how many bear encounters we have. had to date this trip over a period of nine days. And at times we have gone into a spectacular money fishery. We were also inside, there was a ton of pink salmon spawning so we had a great Dolly Vardon, which looks a bit like Bull Trout here, then some great trout fishing. ‘Rainbow. And you know, with these kinds of trips like that, we were in Alaska, the timing maybe a little fickle. But when you talk about mid-September, we had some really good raging storms. And so the weather was pretty good. But sometimes it is the case that you hear some people thinking it would be the worst trip in the world because of bears, weather and bugs etc. But I mean, it was awesome. Thunderstorms surrounded by brown bears. Yeah, great. Very well.


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