‘Catch and Release’ Trout Season Begins Oct. 16 on New York Streams | Local News



ALBANY – The state’s new catch and release season for trout streams will begin on October 16.

The new trout stream catch and release season is a product of the Department of Environmental Conservation’s Statewide Trout Stream Management Plan, developed to enhance and modernize State management of its trout fishing resources.

The new season, which runs from October 16 to March 31, requires anglers to use only artificial lures and immediately release any trout they catch. The catch and release season applies only to trout streams.

Fishing for trout in lakes and ponds is prohibited after October 15, unless these waters are managed under a special regulation that allows angling.

Anglers should consult the DEC rulebook for regulations associated with lakes and ponds that are home to trout before fishing.

The period was traditionally closed to brook trout fishing as a precaution during the breeding season of wild trout. DEC biologists concluded that fishing during the spawning season will not result in negative impacts on the fishery.

DEC biologists will use the study results to assess the new regulations and guide future management. Anglers are reminded to use best practices when releasing fish to ensure that trout are returned to the stream immediately and unharmed. Visit https://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/9223.html for more information on catching and releasing fish.



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