Carson City man arrested for felony assault with deadly weapon after throwing stone at neighbor and recovering pellet gun during fight | News from Carson City, Nevada


A 24-year-old Carson City man has been arrested for assault with a deadly weapon after a brawl took place in the Dale Dr. area involving multiple weapons.

According to the arrest report, Christian Montes-Viramontes was arrested after deputies were sent to Dale Dr. on Thursday evening following news of a fight.

The report said there were two men in a physical altercation on the street and one recovered a gun, according to the report.

MPs arrived at the scene and could hear people screaming as they approached, the report said. The deputies located a woman and two men in an alley and asked them all to get to the ground, which they complied with and were handcuffed.

Deputies spoke to Montes-Viramontes, whose face and mouth were bloody, and a smell of alcohol escaped from his person. On contact, Montes-Viramontes held a black machete scabbard, with the machete resting in the earth a short distance behind him.

Montes-Viramontes first asked for a lawyer, but also repeatedly said his neighbor had hit him. Firefighters arrived to assess his injuries.

MPs spoke with neighbors, including the other man involved in the brawl. He told MPs that he was in front of his residence when he heard Montes-Viramontes insult him and he told Montes-Viramontes to leave his property. He told MPs that at that point Montes-Viramontes attacked him and the neighbor pushed him back and said he returned to his porch, thus ending the fight.

He said Montes-Viramontes had re-engaged, pushing the neighbor from behind. He repeated that he had tried to end the fight until Montes-Viramontes grabbed a stone and threw it at the neighbor, grazing his head. He said at that point that he had “rushed” Montes-Viramontes and that the fighting continued.

Once they separated, he said Montes-Viramontes went to his home and returned with a rifle, which was later identified as a pellet gun.

Another neighbor said a similar event and also told MPs that when she returned to her home to secure her dog, she saw Montes-Viramontes point the rifle at her. She heard Montes-Viramontes “shoot” and told MPs she had home security cameras and agreed to share the videos with law enforcement by email.

Montes-Viramontes was arrested for felony assault with a deadly weapon for throwing a stone at the neighbor and “bringing the pellet gun to the scene” and was sentenced without incident.

Security deposit: $ 20,000

All crime log information (unless otherwise noted) is taken from arrest reports provided by the Carson City Sheriff’s Office and is considered by law to be public information. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty by a court. It is Carson Now’s policy to name anyone arrested for a felony.


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