Bluefish bite picks up near shore, entrance vents


Bluefish have been delirious for a few days.

The fish are so aggressive that an angler on the Queen Mary party boat departing from Point Pleasant Beach saw two blue fish hitting the same surface popper during Monday’s trip. The fisherman, Chris Long, from Pennsylvania, landed them both.

Captain Dave Riback, the captain of the Queen Mary, said the same thing also happened several times over the weekend. He caught the blues just outside of Manasquan Inlet and followed them all the way up the coast to almost Sandy Hook. The blues ended up near the beach a few miles away. The fish ran from a few pounds to 12 pounds. The fish hit directly at the surface.

Pennsylvania's Chris Long caught two blues at once on Monday's trip aboard the Queen Mary party boat.

Mackerels are still holding on to the southeast edges of the Mud Hole. Anglers struggled to catch a full bucket with a tackle consisting of a jig and hook about 18 inches above the jig. Jamaica’s 125-foot Captain Howard Bogan Jr. ran runs there daily and set up a chum slick to get the fish going. The action is fairly regular, except when the occasional hammerhead or blacktip shark crosses the slick and spooks the mackerel.

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Bogan said he hoped to attract more skipjack to the slick. On each trip, he receives one, but that’s it. On Sunday, Old Bridge’s Allen Zerrudo won the pool with a 4-pound bonito. They also landed a cute cobia in 120 feet of water on the shore of the Mud Hole.

It was installed not far from where the tuna fleet worked in and around the Mud Hole. Through his binoculars he could see the tuna chicks feeding on bait on the surface. The tunas have come closer. Some boats caught mahi mahi last week in the same area.

Lucky fishing is well into its summer stride in the ocean. Despite little to no wind on Saturday, Captain Bobby Quinn on the Ocean Explorer departing Belmar said there was enough current to drive the drift. His sharpies did a good job of jigging the bottom fish. He had several rates catch their three fish limit.

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Crabeaters are increasingly attracted to blue claws. Trixie’s Landing in Bayville said one of their rental boat customers returned with half a bushel of crabs from a run at the mouth of Cedar Creek on the west side of Barnegat Bay.

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