Best Beaches to Visit in Houston, Including Matagorda Beach


Busy schedules, heavy traffic and noise are part of life in Houston. It’s a bustling city, so finding a quiet place to relax on the weekends is key – and what better place to do that than on one of the best beaches near Houston?

You can sit back, relax and take in the sights and sounds of the ocean waves on a day at the beach.

Here are 10 of the best beaches near Houston, all within a two-hour drive.

Stewart Beach

Stewart Beach in Galveston, Texas is one of the best family beaches near Houston. It has everything you need for a relaxing and enjoyable day at the beach. There are certified lifeguards on duty, and you and your family can enjoy various volleyball courts and pavilions.

seaside beach

Surfside Beach near Freeport, Texas is a great place to spend the day at the beach. You can drive your automobile on Surfside Beach or stroll along the shore in search of treasures.

The fantastic surf that Surfside Beach offers those who like to catch a wave gave it its name. Spend the day at the beach and take the kids to the amazing paddling pool to make it an unforgettable day for the whole family.

Sylvain Beach

Sylvan Beach Park is the closest beach to Houston and is therefore based in La Porte, Texas. You can walk on soft sand and breathe in the salty seaside air at Sylvan Beach Park.

When visiting Sylvan Beach Park there is plenty to do including a playground where youngsters can run around.

Bring your fishing poles to use on the pier or relax on the pavilion and have a picnic.

Galveston Island State Park

Galveston Island State Park is one of the best state parks in Texas near Houston, overlooking the beach and the bay.

There is a daily cost to access Galveston Island State Park, but it is less than $6 and children under six are admitted free. You can organize a day at the beach that includes swimming and fishing, as well as adding educational elements by visiting a nature center to learn something new. Within the park there are also hiking and paddling trails, giving you plenty of opportunities to discover something fascinating for everyone.

If you’re looking for great campgrounds near Houston, Galveston Island State Park can help!

Bolivar Peninsula

Take the ferry to the Bolivar Peninsula for unique sights and the chance to see dolphins swimming.

Bring your family to the Bolivar Peninsula and dip your toes in the sand as you listen to the sound of the waves. While visiting the peninsula, you can schedule a deep-sea fishing trip or sample local seafood at one of the many restaurants.

You can also visit a historic lighthouse in Texas!

Matagorda Beach

Over 20 miles of beach access are available on Matagorda Beach, allowing you to hear the sounds of the waves all around you.

You can drive along part of the beach or spend the day exploring some of the trails at Matagorda Beach. Take your kayak if you want to discover more of the beach accessible by boat.

Lighthouse Beach

It takes approximately 2 hours to drive from Houston to Lighthouse Beach in Port Lavaca, TX. This beach is a great place to take your family away from the noise and bustle of the city.

Lighthouse Beach has umbrella cabanas available for a relaxing day at the beach. You can also stroll along the long boardwalk to watch wildlife and listen to the waves crashing on the shore.

Behind Lighthouse Beach there is an RV park perfect for a weekend getaway.

East Beach

East Beach in Galveston is the only beach around that serves alcoholic beverages. This beach also offers a variety of activities throughout the year that you can attend.

You can either organize a volleyball tournament with your friends on the beach volleyball courts, or go horseback riding on the beach. While visiting East Beach, you can also go fishing.

Porretto Beach

Porretto Beach, located in Galveston, is a lesser-known beach near Houston that offers fantastic ocean views and sets you up for a great day at the beach.

Porretto Beach is a private beach that normally offers a clean beach near a variety of dining options. They rent chairs and umbrellas for the day to make it easier to prepare for your day at the beach.

Many people like to visit Porretto Beach because it offers a cleaner and more expansive environment in which to settle in for a day at the beach.

McFaddin Beach

Mcfaddin Beach, which sits adjacent to Sea Rim State Park, is steeped in history. For years, objects washed up on the shore of this beach.

While visiting the Gulf Coast Museum, you can see many of the artifacts they have discovered along the McFaddin Beach shoreline over the years.


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