Bear cub burned in Tamarack fire goes missing after escaping from Lake Tahoe wildlife center | News from Carson City, Nevada


The bear cub burned in the Tamarack fire, which was being rehabilitated at Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, escaped its enclosure and is missing.

Although seriously injured and bandaged, the bear named Tamarack managed to escape the facility after being seen by cameras earlier in his enclosure on Sunday night.

According to LTWC, the 25- to 28-pound bear was able to dig under a secure electric fence, even with its front paws burned and bandaged. The injured child was discovered on July 25 by a resident of Markleeville. Alpine County officials called Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, who located and transported the bear to their facilities in South Lake Tahoe.

The LTWC has circulated flyers around the facility and asks residents to be on the lookout for the little bear. They said on a flyer that Tamarack is most likely within a three mile radius and they have set up “Have a Heart” traps and cameras in the area.

The non-profit organization specializing in animal care on the South Shore since 1978 could not comment on the situation since the Ministry of Fisheries and Wildlife is now in charge of the file. A message left with the agency for comment has not been returned at this time.

If Tamarack still has bandages, they are blue and orange. The hind legs had bandages removed before his escape.

LTWC is asking people to secure their dogs as the cub could be injured by a dog due to its small size. They think he might be in the Heavenly Valley, Tahoe Sierra, or Black Bart neighborhoods. He could be in a tree, scared and hungry. Most likely, it would be on the move in the evening and at night.

It’s encouraging for his caregivers Tamarack has felt well enough to escape, but he is still in need of care and is too young to fend for himself. The plans were to keep him in the facility until he was 1.5 years old, when he would be ready to be alone.

“Our goal is to locate him quickly for his own health and safety,” LTWC said on the distributed leaflet. “With the help of the community, we look forward to a speedy recovery and the much appreciated assistance of the Lake Tahoe community in our efforts.”

If anyone sees Tamarack, stay away. Observe him and call LTWC at 530.577.2273.


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