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So the last two weeks have been devoted to some exciting hunting adventures, but thanks to my good friend James Richey from Van Buren and his stepfather, Tim Davis, we can finally go on a fishing adventure.

As everyone headed west this fall for a great and amazing hunting trip involving elk, deer, or other big game, these two guys headed to Colorado for a little trout fishing, then a few days to participate in what turned out to be a really exciting salmon comeback.

The couple began camping for three days in the mountains of Taylor Reservoir, some 9,400 feet above sea level. In Taylor they were looking for trout, but the fishing was a bit slow compared to what they would encounter in the days to come.

While at the reservoir they wished they had hunted as they saw several moose, lots of mule deer and a moose. Fishing there was a bit difficult, but they managed to catch a few rainbows and some brook trout.

From Taylor Reservoir, they made their way to Crested Butte, where the mouth of the Gunnison River is, where the East River and Taylor River flow into the Gunnison to fish for salmon during its annual spawning ground.

For fly fishermen, the Upper Gunnison Valley in Colorado is a very special place as it offers an abundance of waterway access which includes trout fishing, then in late summer and to In the fall, you have the opportunity to fish during the exciting migration of kokanee salmon.

Richey was quick to point out that this is one of the few places where you can fish for salmon in the lower 48 states. “There are a few other places,” he said, but none are this cool.

On the first day of fishing, Richey and Davis were able to catch 40 salmon, then on the last day the fishermen caught 30 more fish. Several of the fish they caught were between 16 and 18 inches tall, with the largest reaching 20 inches.

In the accompanying image, Davis on the left is holding a female and on the right Richey is holding a male, both are beautiful fish and the whole experience must have been extremely exciting.

As for me, when Richey sent me the photo, I almost panicked and couldn’t wait to text him back. I had to pick up the phone and call right away. “Hey man, I said, ‘Didn’t you see what was standing right behind you while you were taking this picture? “

Well apparently one of the natives the guys had visited told them if they were smart they would take all of their photos at that spot on the river because it always makes for a nice photo and interesting conversations . The only problem was, Richey made sure not to mention it until he had a good laugh at my expense, because that bronze moose had once again done its job.

As they have always said, a picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case it was even worth a few choices, but the main thing is that it will also recall a great fishing trip with a lifetime of memories.

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