A great white shark dwarf boat as it turns ominously


A stunning video shows a great white shark circling a boat as a brave woman films it underwater.

In the clip, uploaded to YouTube channel Aquablu on April 18, the giant sea beast doesn’t seem hungry and is happy to check out the boat from an agonizing distance.

The shark ignores a fish and comes close enough to show its rows of razor-sharp teeth, but Amanda Callahan, who filmed the video, wasn’t even a little scared.

She told the Miami Herald: “We estimated the great white to be about 11 to 12 feet long when the boat beam [width] is about 9 feet and the shark easily exceeded that.

The huge great white shark

“A healthy 12-foot male great white shark would weigh around 1,000 pounds.”

The shark appeared off the Florida Keys where Amanda and her friends Chris Marotti, Fred Lewie and Eric Rasmussen were enjoying a fishing trip at 1.30pm on April 15.

In the description of the YouTube video, the friends say the “huge” shark seemed interested in their Calcutta 263 boat.

Since it was uploaded, the clip has been viewed more than 63,000 times and dozens of people have left comments.

One user joked, “You’re going to need a bigger boat.”

“Incredible and beautiful. Thanks for sharing!” commented a second user.

The shark let viewers see inside its fierce jaws
The shark let viewers see inside its fierce jaws

Someone else asked, “Am I the only one wondering why the shark didn’t eat that smaller fish? I can never get enough of the shark videos and shows. I love them!”

A fourth viewer said, “Flatfins, happy and curious. Apex predators are smarter than people think.”

It comes after an Australian family had a much more aggressive close encounter with a great white shark that tried to eat their boat while they were on board.

In chaotic footage, the mother screams as the shark leaps out of the water and tries to chew on the engine.


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