A complete guide to visiting Zermatt in summer


Zermatt is as active in summer as it is in winter, and this Swiss ski resort has plenty to offer tourists looking for a scenic vacation.

One of the favorite nations in the world is perhaps Switzerland. It is a surreal experience to stay in the picturesque mountain hamlet of Zermatt with the Matterhorn as a backdrop. Zermatt is a mountain lover’s paradise.

Zermatt, located at the foot of the Alps, is a charming town to visit if tourists want to bask in the grandeur of Europe’s most beautiful mountains. Zermatt has something for everyone, from fun areas to paragliding, trout fishing and even clay pigeon hunting.

Popular summer activities in the area

Try summer skiing

During the summers, Klein Matterhorn offers 21 kilometers of ski slopes, making it the largest and highest summer ski area in Europe. It is best to ski early in the morning as the snow decreases throughout the morning due to the intense sun. The Zermatt ski resort caters to freestyle enthusiasts, while local ski schools offer lessons for those looking to improve their expertise.

Hiking opportunities are in abundance

Zermatt is a hiker’s nirvana, with breathtaking scenery and 400 kilometers of well-established hiking and alpine terrain.

From chirping marmots to elk and ibexes, Zermatt has rich flora and fauna, as well as a range of species to see. Visitors might spot a golden eagle if they are lucky. Here are some of the best trails in Zermatt:

Botanical Trail

A short hike all the more striking for visitors as they obtain a plethora of information on the flora of the region during their journey.

The botanical route that runs from Diesse to Lamboing offers hikers and visitors fascinating information about the history and mythology of the shrubs and trees of the region. The range of colors among the wildflowers of these high mountain fields is endless. Vibrant hues of blue are brought by spring gentians, which are quickly followed by anemones and pasque flowers, especially Haller’s pasque flower.

Because there are so many distinct flowers blooming here, there is a great diversity of butterflies and other insects.

Five Lakes Trail

If visitors want to get out and about in the Swiss Highlands, the 5 Lakes Hike is a must. The 2.5-hour climb passes five scenic lakes and offers stunning views of the rugged, rocky terrain. Each of these alpine lakes has its distinct shape, appearance, charm and size, as well as its unique appeal. The Matterhorn could even be seen as a projection into three of the lakes. Visitors can also pack their bathing suits as they can cool off at Lake Leisee, the last lake on the hike.

The moderately strenuous 9.8 kilometer hike is mostly downhill.

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Mountain biking is also an attraction

Zermatt has something for everyone when it comes to mountain riding, whether it’s scenic descents, paths or severe climbs.

With around 220 kilometers of routes ranging from 1,400 to 3,100 meters above sea level, Zermatt offers a wide range of activities, including day trips and leisurely walks. Tourists can accompany a guided tour to fully enjoy their mountain driving experience.

  • Glacier Garden Loop: The Glacier Garden circuit is a great beginner’s track and a great opportunity to explore the area around the village. The emphasis is on the pleasure of cycling. This trail is especially beautiful in the fall when the larch woods turn a brilliant yellow color around mid-October. There is a beautiful park and picnic spot in the woods later on the walk, and a slightly scary suspension bridge to cross.
  • Gornergrat Classic Loop: An attraction succeeds on this course. First, visitors can marvel at the spectacular views of the Gorner Glacier, then watch the Matterhorn project into the Riffelsee. These natural treasures are traversed on smooth and challenging tracks, ensuring a fun and memorable experience. The trail is rugged and challenging, and experienced riders will enjoy it.

Spend time exploring the city

Zermatt retains an authentic alpine character and is exceptionally beautiful. Historic chalets and cobbled streets are frequent reminders of the region’s culture in this car-free zone.

The hamlet has done an excellent job of preserving its historic architecture, with some houses dating back over five centuries. The village is surrounded by luxury chalets which in no way detract from the historic view.

Small paths lead away from the main streets through a mixture of old residences and hotels. The small alleys are deafeningly silent, allowing visitors to relax and appreciate the incomparable aesthetics.

Accommodation in town

The Little CHARM-INN

  • A rooftop terrace, ski storage and free Wi-Fi are available at Petit CHARME-INN.
  • The hardwood furnishings in the Alpine-style bedrooms are complemented by an en-suite bathroom.

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Hotel Ambassador Zermatt

  • A heated infinity pool, jacuzzi, sauna and free internet access are available throughout the Hotel Ambassador Zermatt.
  • The Tapas & Wine restaurant serves delicious Swiss and Spanish cuisine. The lounge and pub are attractive places to relax while sipping drinks.

Bristol Hotel

  • Hotel Bristol has a spa and free Wi-Fi.
  • Brunch and a 5-course dinner are included in the half-board price.
  • You can relax in the relaxing bar, the jacuzzi or the hammams. The terrace, equipped with deck chairs, allows tourists to relax and enjoy the sun.

Zermatt is a great place to go if visitors are planning a family vacation in the hills. It has become one of the most renowned European destinations due to its diverse activities and breathtaking landscapes.

When tourists arrive in Zermatt, they will be amazed by the natural splendor of the region. The typical Swiss city atmosphere is enough to keep the camera rolling at all times.

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