9 Deleted Scenes That Should Have Made The Final Cut


With over 11 movies and its first TV show, the DC Extended Universe has thrilled (and sometimes puzzled) audiences around the world. His films are jam-packed, but there are still so many deleted scenes or alternate takes cut from almost every production. Some have since been published or incorporated into extended editions, but others are known only from interviews with directors and writers.

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While Birds of prey and Wonder Woman 1984 had no deleted scenes – or not enough to warrant discussion – these deleted scenes could have helped flesh out the characters and/or tease the future.

Man of Steel – Clark and Johnathan go fishing

Jonathan Kent teaches Clark a lesson on Man of Steel.

The film that launched the DCEU, Steel man is about to reach an important milestone: its tenth anniversary. After Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy and in competition with the growing juggernaut of the Marvel Cinematic UniverseSteel man reintroduced Superman through a darker perspective for audiences around the world.

Henry Cavill took on the lead role as the adult Clark Kent/Kal-El, but many deleted scenes relate to his character’s youth, including one in which a baby Clark went to the doctor and first showed his powers. However, there is another in which a teenage Clark goes on a fishing trip with his father, played by Kevin Costner, after being bullied at school. This would have deepened the father/son relationship which, while important, was partly lacking.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – The Search for Martha

After a black period of three years, the DCEU returns with its second film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It was originally supposed to be a Steel man sequel, which could still happen, but it ended up being more than one Justice League prequel. Uniting Cavill’s Superman with Ben Affleck’s Batman and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, this film was exceptionally long, running at two and a half hours.

It grew even longer with a final edit later, but there was still something left on the cutting room floor. There was an interesting sequence as Superman searches for his kidnapped mother, Martha. He ends up using his super hearing to discern his location, but in doing so he hears the screams of the town and the crimes being committed. It highlights a darker, selfish side to the characters, and if included, could help tease Knightmare’s potential streak in which he turns evil.

Suicide Squad – Harley’s Motorcycle Chase

Harley's Motorcyle Chase in Suicide Squad (Extended Cut)

The DCEU continued its polarizing success with 2016’s suicide squad. While some elements haven’t been well-received – especially compared to its 2021 sequel – Margot Robbie and Will Smith stole the show as Harley Quinn and Deadshot, respectively. suicide squad also received an extended cut, incorporating several deleted scenes from the original theatrical version to better share director David Ayer’s vision.

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One of those scenes was an epic motorbike scene with Harley chasing the Joker after he escaped from Arkham Asylum. Not only is it a thrilling action sequence, but it illustrates just how far Harley had fallen from her old life as a psychiatrist – she even murders an innocent truck driver to declare her love for the Joker, which is of course, abusively cold. This scene would surely have helped audiences understand Harley even more in the original cut.

Wonder Woman – Etta’s Mission

The DCEU has begun something of a rehabilitation with Patty Jenkin’s wonder woman, which received incredibly positive reviews when it was released in 2017. Compared to previous MCU films which perhaps felt a little bogged down and overloaded, this film kept it relatively simple, focusing on a single protagonist and his gripping story. . According to Jenkins, there was very little that was cut from wonder woman.

Among the discarded material was a scene that was given new life. Entitled Etta’s missionthe short scene introduces Lucy Davis as Etta Candy, as well as the Wonder Men who go on a new mission after the film ends in search of a mysterious artifact, the Motherbox, thus setting the plot for Justice League. It was released as a short film on the wonder woman Blu-ray, but this very well should have been the post-credits scene of the movie if they hadn’t wanted to distinguish themselves from the MCU.

Aquaman – Arthur discovers his powers

It seems that Aquaman continued what wonder woman started, after the official introduction of the character in Justice League. This showed how important it was to set up every major character in the shared universe, instead of stacking them all up at the start. Aquaman the director, James Wan, has revealed little about the film’s deleted scenes. However, two scenes could have potentially made the final cut.

One involves Jason Momoa’s Aquaman being thrown in jail for starting a prison riot. It certainly would have been entertaining given Momoa’s sharp sense of humor in the role. The other scene, however, might even better justify not being cut. It implies that a young Arthur Curry dared to swim deep in the ocean. He would have gotten stuck and seemingly drowned, but then he would learn his abilities and meet Willem Dafoe as Vulko. Although there is already a training assembly in Aquamanit might have helped to understand the relationship between these two.

Shazam! – The Seventh Throne

Shazam and the Marvel Family on their thrones

Although he’s still known as Captain Marvel to some comic book fans, Zachary Levi’s character in the DCEU goes by Shazam. Obviously, this was done because of the popular character of the same name from the Marvel comics. The movie 2019, Shazam! came as a surprise to many viewers as a critical and commercial success, compared to other DCEU films – perhaps because it’s most comparable to MCU films for its lighter tone and youthful aesthetic.

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There were many variations of deleted scenes and moments that never made it into the final cut, like the one that might have helped Shazam! propel the DCEU. This scene would be at the end – again presumably in a post-credits scene – with Shazam and his newly fueled family taking their places on their thrones, only to find that there is one void left. That would tease black adam and character of the Rock.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League – Create Parademons

A Parademon in Justice League

Fans around the world rejoiced when Zack Snyder’s Justice League was released on HBO Max in March 2021 with an incredible runtime of just over four hours – despite being split into multiple parts. As such, fans might think there isn’t much that could have been cut, but there was.

For example, recently an image was released of Wayne T. Carr as John Stewart in an alternate scene, which was filmed in Snyder’s driveway. This would have replaced the arrival of the Martian Manhunter, and perhaps it will be incorporated into the supposed The Green Lantern HBO Max series. Nonetheless, a more appropriate and interesting selection would have featured the conversion of humans into Parademons, Darkseid’s minions. It’s never been filmed, but fans would find it interesting – and in a four-hour film, that’s a few minutes longer.

The Suicide Squad – Ratcatcher, King Shark, Polka-Dot Man and The Thinker

Polka Dot Man and the Thinker talks about the former's childhood in deleted scene from The Suicide Squad

Following suicide squad, many viewers were extremely skeptical of such a future story in the DCEU. However, James Gunn did the unexpected and made one of the best movies in the entire franchise with The Suicide Squad. It perfectly encapsulates how well an ensemble/team movie can be done while still staying true to the tone of the franchise.

One scene deserved to do the final cut to showcase new fan favorites. In it, Ratcatcher searches for the missing King Shark, thinking he ate children, only to find he is playing with them. Meanwhile, Polka-Dot Man and the Thinker are talking, with the latter trying to manipulate his escape, only to end up being shot in the ear. This scene would have added fuel to the fire of Ratcatcher and King Shark quickly becoming beloved characters, perhaps even worthy of their own spin-off like Peacemaker.

Peacemaker – Season 1 – All Justice League

James Gunn quickly returned to the DCEU after realizing The Suicide Squad to make the franchise’s first foray into television with Peacemaker. In doing so, he achieved one of the most exciting and entertaining projects of 2022. Throughout the series, John Cena’s character, Christopher Smith aka Peacemaker, has made consistent commentary and digs into other major characters from DCEU, like saying Aquaman has sex with fish.

It all paid off when the Justice League finally arrived, although two characters were missing. There’s been no end to speculation as to why Batman and Cyborg were cut from the final cut – although it seems to be supposedly affected by the changing landscape of the franchise. Still, there’s supposedly nearly 20 minutes of unused footage from this scene, and it would have been even more exciting to see more fleshed out with all of Justice League.

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