5 things that don’t make sense in Moonglow Bay


Moonglow Bay is a delightfully charming fishing life simulation that captivated audiences with its colorful voxel art style and chipper music. Fishing the downstream waters of a Canadian city can be extremely calming for many players and has proven to be so since its inception. It’s packed with great writing, fun mini-games, and a whole bunch of other things you might have missed.

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However, while the many wonders of Moonglow Bay continue to amaze, there are a few things here and there that just don’t seem to match. It’s not that they make the experience worse, rather it’s those fun little quirks that make games brilliant and almost always illogical – and these logically questionable features make the game a lot more fun and a bit absurd.

Who takes pictures of you sleeping?

Mooonglow Bay a series of three Polaroid images showing a person turning off a lamp, then sleeping and then waking up against a black background

Moonglow Bay takes place over several days, giving you the freedom to enjoy your time in this sleepy little town. As day turns to night and you finish your fishing activities, you will probably want to get a few hours of sleep before heading back out on the water the next day. You’ll come home, give the Waffles dog a little scratch before you scramble up the stairs and collapse into bed. However, it looks like you are not alone in the house.. Someone is there. Someone is taking pictures. The question is: who?

As a picturesque little transition from sleeping to waking up, the developers put together a series of Polaroid photos of you turning off the lights, slipping under the covers, and then falling asleep. While this transition is in keeping with the generally comfortable and warm tone of the game, when you think about it for more than a second, it does raise questions.. Who actually takes these photos of your nighttime routine? Are you? If yes, why? And if not, who then? Of course, at the end of the day you have Waffles by your side and I’m sure they would stop anyone from breaking in and taking a picture of you. Unless of course it is Waffles the dog who takes the pictures!


How come everyone already knows about your plans?

Mooonglow Bay, wide angle shot of three people and a dog standing on a beach next to a sign with a text box at the bottom, discussing their plans for selling street food

When you start Moonglow Bay, everything looks good in the world. You and your partner are fishing and you couldn’t be happier. But, as is often the case with happy beginnings, things must have taken a dark turn. After the death of your partner, you find yourself in a worrying state. Fortunately, the depressing years of mourning pass in an instant, and soon you are up and ready to fish. The plan is to sell delicious food to the people of Moonglow Bay and earn enough money to restore it to its former glory. It makes sense that you and a few close friends would know about this plan, but how come everyone in town suddenly knows about it?

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It is possible that by the time you told the other two people who initially know that one of them ran into town enthusiastically telling everyone that you were selling food. But the chances of the news spreading faster than the loading screen between opening the door and standing outside seem a little incredible. Maybe everyone at Moonglow Bay is a psychic and has read your mind before you? Or maybe it was the developers who found a way around the mandatory “go talk to everyone in town” mission which is taking way too long because you can never find that person. This is probably the psychic answer.

Why the currency shells?

Mooonglow Bay a mid shot of a man lining a door with a hammer as two people watch from behind with a text box at the bottom displaying the man's speech

You will have to spend a lot of money in Moonglow Bay. Whether it’s upgrading your equipment or restoring the city, everything costs a fortune. So, among a plethora of other tips that you should know before you go there, it is advisable to try and build yourself a small fortune while you are in Moonglow Bay. The currency in Moonglow Bay are seashells, a commodity one might assume to be found anywhere in a coastal town. If you are not using paper, seashells are probably the best solution. But that begs the question: How is Moonglow Bay so poor when their currency is literally all around them?

Moonglow Bay is not a rich place, and you will often be told that it is in a state of disrepair and is no longer in its prime. The mayor is practically getting on board before you get out of bed and offers to help you. But it seems illogical as the form of currency they are using is not even ten feet away from them at all times. Why they can’t just go to the beach, pick up a few seashells, and distribute them to residents just doesn’t make sense.

Apparently all everyone wants is fish

Mooonglow Bay a bulletin board displaying various residents' requests on pieces of paper pinned to the chalkboard

Secondary content in a video game is important, especially in a life simulation like Moonglow Bay. Whether it’s a simple recovery quest or a more meaningful mission, there should always be a plethora of secondary content for the player to complete. In Moonglow Bay, there is a notice board where your constituents can ask for things they want to do or need. Apparently all they want is fish, and the only person who can get it is you.

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Anytime of the day, someone somewhere wants a fish. Whether big or small, you can be sure a Moonglow Bay resident has a fondness for fish. It’s also a chance that they seem to have an endless supply of cash or rewards for you to go out and catch the fish. You should count on the fact that everyone is too afraid to go out on the waters, thus ensuring that you have a monopoly on all species of fish in this coastal town.

The whole city is on your shoulders

Mooonglow Bay medium shot of a blue house to the left of the frame with a wooden sign to the right of the frame detailing the costs of restoring the house

Life sims have a habit of stealing all your money. Whether it’s donating virtually all the money needed to build a bridge in Animal Crossing: New Horizons or paying to literally restore the whole town of Moonglow Bay, the living sims have high expectations of their players. Fairly early in its execution, Moonglow Bay presents you with the prospect of paying to restore certain buildings. You are expected to shell out a substantial sum of money to see these properties repaired, but apparently no one else is.

While everyone apparently has all the money in the world to buy your food and reward you for catching fish, no one can afford to donate a seashell or two to help with the restoration efforts. Apparently, the entirety of the city’s survival rests on your shoulders. It is up to you to donate the hard-earned money you had to venture into the supposedly dangerous waters for the city to thrive again. Suffice to say that it is simply not fair.

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